Change completely: to the depths

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Welcome to Change Completely: to the depths. The goal of this mod is to enhance Minecraft's underground with everything you could possibly want. Here are the features:


- Creep caves. Caverns made up of a strange glowing green mucilage, suspicious green seedlings, and creeper eggs. Notes: Don't step or break eggs without silk touch if you don't like explosions. .
- Blue mushroom fields. This biome will spawn under plains and forests and will consist of blue mushrooms and cavenium with eventual lichen (obviously blue).

- Mossy caves. A humid and moss-filled biome.


- Mushroom caves: medium-sized caves containing mushroom and mycelium.


- Minshroom, a friendly little mushroom (almost always). They can be tamed with blue lichen. It will spawn in the blue mushroom fields.


- New boss: King Creeper. It is advisable to avoid it as much as possible...

- New mob: mossy skeleton. Not happy to know that someone is exploring its mossy


- Redfish: a silverfish that by feeding on redstone has acquired its power.



- New block: rotten planks. it will spawn in the mineshaft, but be careful, just walking on it will break them and I don't think it's a good thing when there is lava underneath.

- New metal: titanium. Enjoy your armor and tool set.

- New rock: ignimbrite. It can be transformed into stairs, walls and slabs.

- New material creation system: alloy forging. Using the new alloy forge you can merge materials to create new ones. For the moment you can only create two very powerful alloys.
- Creeperite: Alloy created by combining titanium, creepvine and gunpowder in that order. Can be used to craft weapons and armor only.
- Redmetal: alloy created by combining titanium, redstone essence and redstone in this order. It can be used to create tools only.


A wiki will arrive soon to help you on your adventures! In the meantime to report bugs or suggestions for the mod write here:

Modification files

- v 1.0: added mossy caves, blue mushroom fields, creep caves,  mushroom caves, minshroom, mossy skeleton, King creeper, redfish, rotten planks, titanium, ignimbrite, alloy forging, creeperite alloy, redmetal alloy.

The initial Change Completely project was a huge mod, but then I realized that file of that size would be unmanageable, so I divided it into chapters. This is the one about the caves. I have not yet decided on the theme of the next one, but perhaps it will be the desert.