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It was a normal day until new mobs started to appear at night, looks like a new Boss enter Minecraft and his name is Dark Soul, the evil twin of Miguelista Anjo (that's me, the creator of the mod). He wants to dominate the world but the adventurer, you, won't let that happen. Dark Soul corrupted a Biome and rename it "Dark Biome". The adventurer has to enter in that biome, find the bases on them and kill the "Dark Soul's Body Guard" to get one part for the key to open the "Dark Dimension". Be careful, in that dimension you'll find "Clones of Dark Soul", "Broken Soul Pig" and "Broken Soul Cow", which can hurt you. After you have the materials to create, you can create the key to the "Souled End", where you'll find " Souled Pig" and "Souled Cow" (don't worry, they're nice) but you'll find "Clones of Dark Soul" and "Dark Soul's Body Guard" as well. When you think you're ready, you can summon the Dark Soul (2Dark Blocks + Dark Soul's Mind) and free Minecraft from the end. *Still in development...

- Tip: Use mod "Just Enough Item (JEI)"

Modification files
Dark_Mod.1.3.93.jar - Dark Soul Invaded MinecraftUploaded on: 07/13/2021 - 17:12   File size: 856.44 KB
Dark_Mod.1.4.04.jar - Dark Soul Invaded MinecraftUploaded on: 07/14/2021 - 23:39   File size: 856.13 KB
Dark_Mod.1.4.10.jar - Dark Soul Invaded MinecraftUploaded on: 07/15/2021 - 23:14   File size: 918.18 KB
Dark_Mod.1.5.03.jar - Dark Soul Invaded MinecraftUploaded on: 07/17/2021 - 16:45   File size: 968.19 KB

- 1.5.03

Fixed: Number of uses of each tool

Updated: Tools and armors can now be repair

New Ore added to the overworld: Angel Gem

New Blocks: Angel Ore, Block Of Angel Gem

New Item: Angel Gem

New Tools: Angel Sword, Angel Pickaxe, Angel Axe, Angel Shovel, Angel Hoe

New Armor: Angel Armor

New Passive Mob: Miguelista Angel (no function yet)

- 1.4.10

Bug fixed: Dark Leaves disappear for no reason (all the trees ended up without leaves) 

New Blocks added: Dark Sapling, Broken Soul Sapling, Souled Sapling

New Itens: Dark Bone Meal, Broken Soul Bone Meal, Souled Bone Meal

Updated: Now you can plant Dark Trees, Broken Soul trees and Souled Trees

- 1.4.04 

Bug fixed: Broken Soul Leaves disappear for no reason (all the trees ended up without leaves) 


New Blocks added: Broken Soul Grass, Broken Soul Dirt, Broken Soul Stone, Broken Soul Cobblestone, Broken Soul Log, Broken Soul Leaves and Broken Soul Planks

New Biome added to the overworld: Broken Soul Biome

New spawns: Broken Soul Pig and Broken Soul Cow can spawn in the Broken Soul Biome (rare)

Updated: Dark Soul's Clones, Dark Soul's Body Guard and Dark Soul aren't like Zombies anymore

Texture fixed: Souled Leaves

- 1.3.93

Bug fixed: Dark Leaves didn't drop even if you used shears

Texture fixed: Dark Leaves

Some recipes fixed: Part Of The Portal Key, Dark Leaves, Dark Flower, Head

Website of the mod (still in progress): https://maribugpt.wixsite.com/minecraftdarknessmod

There you'll find more about the mod, like tutorials.