The Miner's Paradise Mod

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Need a little pizzazz in your mining trips? This mod can fix that!

This mod includes:

- A new dimension: The Miner's Paradise, a new dimension filled with tons of ores to keep you busy mining all day long!

- 2 new light sources, the Sunstone and Uranium lamps

- 2 new long-lasting fuel sources

- More tools

- A plethora of new ores and stones

- A new food, the Emerald Potato


This mod is still in beta, so please contact me at if you find any problems with the mod, such as with crafting the Pickaxe of Dreams in order to light the portal to the Miner's Paradise dimension.  

INFORMATION ABOUT RECIPES: The Miner's Paradise Mod Recipe Wiki (

!!If you would like to provide screenshots for this mod, please email the screenshots to me via the email above, along with the name you would like me to credit you by. Forge does not work on my computer, so I am unable to provide screenshots myself. Thanks!! 

Modification files
miners_paradise_mod_v1.4_export.zipUploaded on: 09/11/2021 - 17:15   File size: 635.14 KB

Version 1.4 (Beta) - September 11, 2021

- Added: Salt Blocks, Salt, Sodium Ore, Sodium, Chlorine Blocks, and Chlorine

I rely on any reports from people who download the mod saying that the mod doesn't work or that there's a bug, which is why I included my email in the mod description for any reports (especially with crafting the Pickaxe of Dreams, needed to access the dimension in the mod)
I will keep the mod in beta until there is confirmation that that mechanic does work.

I'll figure out how to download Forge as something other than a .jar file (which my computer doesn't like) though.