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What this Mod aims to achieve

This Mod adds iron and diamond equivalents for the nether in the form of tin and red diamonds

to allow you to start your Journey in the Nether and get better tools without Leaving the dimension.

How to get the new Materials

Netherrack Tools

When you enter the Nether with this Modification installed you might notice the new Tin and Red Diamond Ores.

To Mine these you will have to craft a Netherrack Pickaxe which is added by this Mod along with some other Tools.

These Tools are crafted just like normal tools with sticks and netherrack except for the axe which is crafted like this:

Netherrack Axe

The Netherrack tools are only meant to mine Tin ore and will break after mining only 69 Blocks.

Tin Tools

Once you craft a Netherrack Pickaxe you can go and look for some Tin ore which looks pretty similar to Quartz so its pretty easy to confuse them with each other.

You might realise that Tin ore drops Tin Nuggets that You will have to craft into Tin Ingots by putting 9 of them inside a crafting Table.

Using these Tin Ingots you can make some tools just like with Netherrack but keep in mind that the tin axe is crafted like the Netherrack Axe.

Red Diamonds and Orandine

Tin Tools and Armor break fairly quickly so you probably want to get some more durable materials.

This is where the main part of the mod comes in: The Red Diamonds.

you can only mine the Red Diamond Ore with Tools that are better/equal to Iron for example Tin.

The Red Diamond Ore drops Red Diamond Shards which you have to craft into Red Diamonds just like Tin.

With Red Diamonds you can make Tools and Armor but the axe is also crafted like the Netherrack one and the boots are crafted like this:

RD Boots

If you dont have the time and/or Patience to mine enough Red Diamonds to craft Armor and Tools you can also just upgrade your Tin Tools and Armor to make them last longer by using a smithing Table and putting your tin tool/Armor in the right slot and a Red Diamomd in the left slot.

Some other stuff

This Modification alsoadds some other Crafting recipes to existing Items and Blocks.

You can craft a Stone Cutter with Blackstone and a Tin Ingot

Stone Cutter

You can also now craft 5 Paper using the Nether wart Blocks



You can also use red diamonds to craft an enchanting Table

Enchanting Table




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