The Ultimate Exploration [Pre-Armory]

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Hello guys, some of the people are know about my previous and first mod Exploration++ I ever created.
​But the mod is not abandoned, it just compressed in a new mod.
​Because of the early stage there is a lack of items.
​Don't worry, it will be updated two times a week. (or may three?)
​Each update means something new and unchaning
​So here i will present some stuff thats already added in the "new" exploration mod:
The Older version can be found here:


New UE Update 1.3.0 preleased with new armory for the next dimension it will coming next update...

​(UE 1.3)

​Things Added in UE 1.0.0:

/- Smooth Obsidian
/a smooth variant of obsidian

/- Limestone 
/a lighter version of stone

/- Quartz Ore
​/Quartz can found now in overworld.

/- Copper Ore
/An alternate to iron

​/- Mercury Ore
/A chemical ore


/- Copper Ingot
​/Molten from Copper Ore

/- Copper Coin
​/RPG Item, but also a placeholder for wells.

/- Mercury Ingot
/Molten from Mercury Ore

/- Raw Lapis Ingot
​/Crafted from 3 lapis lazuli in a row.

/- Refined Lapis Ingot
​/Molten from Raw Lapis Ingot. Useful for armor.


​/- Copper Sword
​/a crude sword, 6 damage

/- Mercury Sword
​/a less durable sword, 7 damage

​/- Refined Lapis Sword
​/an enchantable sword, 8 damage 
​/WARNING: It is crafted from refined lapis ingot, NOT the raw one.

​/- Forgotten Emerald Sword
​/a special sword, 10 damage

​/- Lapis Armor
​/a enchantable armor, beetween iron and diamond, crafted from refined lapis ingot.


​/- The Forgotten Dimension
/Portal Frame: Obsidian
​/Ignitor: Flint and Mercury
​/Dimensional Blocks: Crushed Red Sand, Forgotten Emerald Ore, Lava, Nether Wart Block, Red Sandstone
​/Uses: Mining for Forgotten Emerald Ore or for building materials.

Things Added in UE 1.1:

​Lighter Obsidian
- Obsidian Variant

Death Obsidian
​- Obsidian Variant

Obsidian Bricks
- Obsidian Variant

​Titanium Ingot
​- Smelted from Titanium Ore

​Titanium Sword
​- a perfect sword, 17 damage

Copper Armor
​- crude armor, 4% lesser than iron armor

​Cloth Armor
​- soft armor, less durability, like cloth armor

​Forgotten Emerald Armor
​- essential armor, full durability, armor buff (Find it out), better than diamond

​Titanium Armor
​- super durable, best armor in the mod

​- drinkable gain buffs with effects
Iron Mixture [Stregth 2] 
Copper Mixture  [Haste 2] 
Mercury Mixture  [Night Vision 2]
​Emerald Mixture  [Resistance 2]
​Forgotten Emerald Mixture [5 extra health]
​Titanium Mixture [Regenration 5]

​-The New Darker Dimension
Portal Frame: Obsidian
Portal Ignitor: Flint and Forgotten Emerald
​Blocks Inside: Obsidian, Obsidian Variant, Titanium Ore
​Uses: Mining for Obsidian and for the strongest ore currenty in the mod.

Things Added in UE 1.2:

Red Gel
​-dropped from Red Jelly

Blue Gel
​-dropped from Blue Jelly

Orange Gel
​-dropped from Orange Jelly

Green Gel
-dropped from Green Jelly

​-a versitale weapon, 6 damage

​Blue Jelly
​-a hostile blue slime

​Red Jelly
- a lovely red slime

Orange Jelly
​- a cute, but aggresive orange slime

Green Jelly
​- a future looking slime, acts friendly

​Red Gel Armor
​- Fire Resistance Buff, like leather

Blue Gel Armor
​- Water Breathing Buff, like leather

Orange Gel Armor
​- Haste Buff, like Leather

Green Gel Armor
​- Jump Boost Buff, like Leather

​Things Added in UE 1.3:

​Darkness Ore
​-a new ore that drops Darkness Dust

​Darkness Dust
​-the powder form of Darkness

​Raw Darkness Ingot
-ingot created by raw dust

​Refined Darkness Ingot
​-refined darkness that used for armory weapons

Darkness Armor
​-a dark outfit, like chain

Darknss Scythe
​- a versitale tool, 10 damage


​-Coming Soon

​I hope you enjoy my mod. Please rate honestly for some reason.
​(Don't except anything because it is in early stage)

The picture is a screenshot from the mod in total.
​Author: LuckyPotion



Modification files
ultimteexploration_1.2.0.jar - UE 1.2.0 : Mob UpdateUploaded on: 12/31/2016 - 11:58   File size: 7.97 MB
ue_1.3.0.jar - UE 1.3.0 : Pre-ArmoryUploaded on: 01/03/2017 - 20:24   File size: 7.98 MB