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A while back (2019 to be exact) I made a mod called "A lot lot more mod" (ALLM) in MCreator. It added a bit of stuff (not much compared to this) and I actually still have a .JAR file of it (I lost the workspace however). This mod was created as sort of like a sequel to it which adds a lot of stuff to Minecraft.

Also, if you love this mod, please consider checking out my YouTube channel Windows 16 (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqUajKMFBcS_Ej5mkADeZeg)

Main download link (Older versions can be found in changelog): http://www.mediafire.com/file/shihrc21uz4qibg/ATMM-1.0.3-1.12.2.jar/file

(I have to use alternative file sharing services since my file exceeds the 20MB upload limit)


Music Discs

This mod adds several music discs (Monstercat Music) which can be obtained by placing a disctemplate in the crafting menu then a specific item to the right of the disctemplate to obtain the music disc. No more creeper-skeleton hunting!


Since you need this to get each Monstercat Disc, you will need 2 Iron Ingots, 1 Steel Ingot, and 2 Cobblestone (which makes 16 disctemplates)

To get Steel Ingots, you will need to place 1 Coal in the middle of the crafting table, then surround the coal with 4 Iron Ingots (makes 4 steel Ingots). It is also important that you don't use charcoal otherwise you will get Stainless Steel (which we will discuss the use of later on).

Graphite Disctemplates

If mining iron is too much for you, you can make Graphite Disctemplates. You can craft Graphite Disctemplates with 1 Graphite in the middle surrounded by 4 Cobblestone (crafted same way you had crafted steel ingots). See Coal Pickaxe for how to get Graphite.


Brick-type blocks

-Carrot Bricks

Crafted like Stone Bricks, but instead with Carrot Blocks.

-Cobalt Bricks

Crafted with 4 Cobalt Bricks (not Cobalt Ingots) in a 2x2 square (see Cobalt Brick for recipe).

-Diamond Bricks

Crafted with 4 Diamond Ingots.

-Endtar Bricks

Crafted in the same format as steel ingots; Surround 1 Red Sand dust (see Red Sand Dust for recipe) with 4 Endtar.

-Sandy Bricks

Crafted with 1 Brick Block (vanilla bricks) and 1 Sandstone to the right; Makes 2 Sandy Bricks.

Storage-type blocks

These are called Storage blocks because they save a lot of space when compressed. If a storage block doesn't have a description, just assume it requires 9 of it's respectful material.

-Carrot Block
-Torch Block
-Golden Carrot Block
-Potato Block
-Baked Potato Block
-Golden Potato Block
-Graphite Block
-Toxoal Block

Requires 4 Toxoal to craft (see Toxoal for recipe). This block is unstable and will deal 10 damage (5 hearts) when mined and half a heart at a time while standing on it. If you want to get it back, you will need to right-click it with a Hammewrench to safely remove it and claim back your 4 toxoal.

-Stainless Steel Block
-Mint Block
-Zune Music (compressed Disctemplates)
-Windows Store (compressed Windows Gift Cards)
-Compressed Cobblestone (from levels 1 to 14)
-Compressed Iron (from levels 2 to 3)
-Compressed Signalum (from levels 1 to 3)
-Chocolate Block
-White Chocolate Block
-Ink Bladder (compressed Ink Sac)
-Compressed Obsidian (from levels 1 to 4)
-Skype (compressed Socialelements)
-Bing Maps (compressed Compasses)
-Zune Video

Crafted with 5 empty popcorn buckets in a plus (+) shape.

-Cobalt Block
-Cactus Slime Block

Crafted with 9 Cactus Slimeballs. Prevents fall damage, but doesn't bounce you.

-Flint Block
-Blaze Block

Crafted with 9 Blaze Powder. Creates Endtar when placed on top of End Stone (Process can be reversed with bone blocks).

-Gold Sand

Crafted with 4 Gold Dust.

-Mint Sand

Crafted with 4 Mint Dust.

-Cobalt Sand

Crafted with 4 Cobalt Dust.

Decoration Blocks


Used to craft a Alchemical Resource Binder or an Industrial Smasher. Can also be placed.

-Obsidian Pillar
-Mint Sandstone
-Cobalt Sandstone

Just a block. Crafted by surrounding Cobblestone with 4 leaves. Can also be used to craft C418 - Blocks.



Pretty much useless as of the time of writing. You can use installation discs to put operating systems on it but that's about it.

Redstone Generator

Can be used to convert charcoal into redstone, gold into Signalum, and to fill up Heavy Air Tanks with redstone as storage.

Alchemical Resource Binder

Can be used to combine elements. It also doesn't run on power. However, you will need a Hammewrench if you want to successfully complete an operation.

Industrial Smasher

This mod's equivalent to the Pulverizer (Thermal Foundation) or the Crusher (Actually Additions). This machine also doesn't require any power to function and requires a Hammewrench to function.



-Andesite Pickaxe

Crafted like a normal pickaxe, except with Andesite among the top. Has the same stats as a normal stone pickaxe.

-Granite Pickaxe

Crafted like a normal pickaxe, except with Granite among the top. Has the same stats as a normal stone pickaxe.

-Diorite Pickaxe

Crafted like a normal pickaxe, except with Diorite among the top. Has the same stats as a normal stone pickaxe.

-Coal Pickaxe

Acts like a normal pickaxe except for the fact that you have a small chance to get some graphite while mining. You craft it like a normal pickaxe except you put coal among the top instead.

-Electric Pickaxe

Crafted like a normal pickaxe, except with Blu-Rods among the top (see Blu-Rod below for recipe) and replace sticks with Electrocuting Rods (see Electrocuting Rod for recipe) for the handle. When mining with the pickaxe, if you have redstone in your inventory, the Electric Pickaxe will eat up the redstone in exchange for durability.

-Mint Pickaxe

The Mint Pickaxe is crafted by placing a stick in the crafting table, then placing 1 mint ingot on top of it, then 1 mint ingot to the side of it (left or right it doesn't matter either way). Aside from that, there is nothing out of the ordinary. It's just a pickaxe.


-Mint Dagger

Crafted by putting a stick in the crafting table, then put a mint ingot up diagonally to craft it. I plan on increasing the attack speed for it, but don't know how.

-Milk Bow

The Milk Bow is a special kind of bow that shoots Milk Arrows, which can get rid of any active effects on whoever it is shot at. A Milk Bow is crafted by placing a Milk Bucket, then place cobblestone to the right of the Milk Bucket, then place 2 sticks; 1 above the cobblestone, and 1 below the cobblestone. then do the same for the string; just place one above the milk bucket, then one below the milk bucket. To craft Milk Arrows, place 1 flint at the bottom-left of the crafting grid. Then place 1 stick diagonally to the top-right of the flint. Then, place 1 milk bucket diagonally to the top-right of the stick to craft the Milk arrows.

-Obsidian Sword

Does 9 melee damage. Has less durability than Diamond Sword to reflect how Obsidian can break easily in real life. Crafted like a normal sword, but with an obsidian stick for a handle and obsidian for the blade (I plan on making the blade out of obsidian shards, but that's a fix for the next update).

-Emerald Sword

Does 8 melee damage and has 1884 durabillity. Crafted like a normal sword, but crafted with emeralds for the blade (handle remains unchanged).

-Emerald Blade

Speaking of blade, the Emerald Blade is an upgraded variant of the Emerald Sword that does 8.4 damage. It has 2001 durabillity (no, not the year 2001), and is crafted by placing an Emerald Sword in the crafting grid, then placing an emerald up diagonally. Also, if you've played a game called Hypixel SkyBlock you probably have heard of this weapon and known that it deals more damage the more coins there are in your purse. So, I made it do more damage the more coins you add to it. You add coins to it the same way you added the emerald to your Emerald Sword to make the Emerald Blade (In other words just craft it the same way you crafted your regular Emerald Blade). You can add up to 16 coins to your Emerald Blade (since each coin adds .1 damage it totals out at 10 melee damage). Coins are crafted by placing a Gold Nugget in the crafting grid. Then you place a piece of Cobblestone above your gold nugget to make the coin.

-Aspect of The End

This sword is also present in Hypixel SkyBlock. The sword does 6.5 melee damage and is crafted by placing a stick in the bottom-left of the crafting grid, then placing a Resoning Rod (see Resoning Rod for recipe) in the middle. Then you place 1 ender pearl above the resoning rod and 1 ender pearl to the right of the resoning rod to craft it. It does the same ability as it would in Hypixel SkyBlock (teleport you up 8 blocks). I don't know how to make it teleport you 8 blocks in the direction you're facing so I made it always teleport you 8 blocks up into the air. As of right now it has 232 durability and you only lose durability when using it as a regular sword so I plan on nerfing the teleport ability (since it is a bit op teleporting infinitely into the air without any problems).

-Rogue Sword

The last item from Hypixel SkyBlock on this list. Crafted like a normal sword except you use reincarnated cane scrap (see Reincarnated Cane Scrap for recipe) for the blade. The Rogue Sword allows you to convert 1 sugar (I couldn't integrate mana into the game so everything is going to be like this) into Speed 4 (Equivalent to 20 speed in Hypixel SkyBlock) for 30 seconds (600 ticks).

Miscellaneous Tools


Doesn't have any durability. Required for some machines to function (including Industrial Smasher and Alchemical Resource Binder). Also, you can right-click Obsidian with it to turn it into 4 Obsidian Shards (By default you can't craft Obsidian Shards in the crafting table however you can craft Obsidian Shards back into Obsidian). You can also right-click Compressed Obsidian to turn it into 36 Obsidian shards, but it isn't going to work (and I don't plan on making this work) with Double Compressed Obsidian, Triple Compressed Obsidian, or any other compression of Obsidian down the line. This tool is also used to remove Toxoal blocks safely by right-clicking without being damaged or losing the toxoal.


Used in the crafting table to skin Apples (which makes skinned apples). Also I tried making the damage on the Butterknife 1.7 (since it doesn't have durabillity it will never break) and now the damage is -1.3 so I don't know where that came from.


-Skinned Apple

Crafted by placing an Butterknife in the crafting grid and an apple to the right of the butterknife. When eaten, it restores 4 hunger points (2 hunger bars) and 1.5 saturation. Also used to craft lemons.


Crafted by placing a Skinned Apple (not regular Apple) in the crafting grid, then placing 1 citrus dye above the skinned apple, then 1 citrus dye to the left of the skinned apple, then place grass (not grass block nor double tallgrass) top-left diagonally above the skinned apple in the crafting grid. Lemons can be eaten to restore 5 hunger points (2 and a half hunger bars) and 0.9 saturation. Lemons are also used to craft Mello Yello.


Can be smashed into dust with the Industrial Smasher or turned into Mint Blocks. Mint can be used to craft Linux Mint (which will later be used for the Computer), or can be eaten to restore 6 hunger points (3 hunger bars) and 0.6 saturation. Crafted by placing Stone in the middle of the crafting grid (not cobblestone or 1.14 Smooth Stone), then surround the Stone with 4 Mello (Same way you made steel ingots), then fill up the remaining slots in the crafting grid with Sweet Grass (recipe produces 9 mints).

-Powder Mint in a Bowl

Another way to eat Mint is to smash it into dust, and then place the mint dust in the crafting grid right above a bowl to craft your Powder Mint in a Bowl. When eaten, it restores 5 hunger points and 0.5 saturation.

-Sweet Grass

Crafted by surrounding a piece of sugar with 4 grass (same grass you used to craft lemons). Can be eaten to restore 2 hunger points (1 hunger bar) and 0.3 saturation (eating will also give you the nausea effect), or can be used to craft Mint.


Crafted by surrounding Wheat with 4 dirt (producing 4 corn). Corn cannot be physically grown (and cannot be found), so you must re-produce corn by placing it in the crafting grid, then place 1 bonemeal to the right of the corn to make 3 corn. Can be eaten raw to restore 5 hunger points and 0.6 saturation, or can also be smelted into Dried Corn which is used to make Popcorn.


Crafted by placing an Empty Popcorn Bucket in the crafting grid. Then you place 1 dried corn on top of the Empty Popcorn Bucket to make your Popcorn. When eaten, the player restores 7 hunger points and 0.7 saturation.

-Baked Carrot

Obtained by smelting Carrots in the Furnace. When eaten, the player restores 6 hunger points and 0.2 saturation.

-Golden Potato

Crafted by placing a potato in the crafting grid, then surrounding the potato with 8 golden nuggets to make the Golden Potato. Alternatively, you can surround a Potato Block with 8 Gold Ingots to make 1 Golden Potato Block, then craft it into 9 Golden Potatoes. When eaten, the player restores 3 hunger points and 4.2 saturation. Or, it can be crafted back into Golden Potato Blocks for compression/storage, or decoration.

-Diamond Potato

Crafted like a Golden Potato, but instead with Diamond Nuggets. Can be eaten raw to restore 7 hunger points and 7.1 saturation.

-Diamond Carrot

Crafted by surrounding a Carrot with 8 Diamond Nuggets. When eaten, it restores 8 hunger points and 17.6 saturation.

-Obsidian Potato

Crafted by surrounding a Potato with 8 Obsidian Shards. When eaten, it restores 8 hunger points and 7.3 saturation.

Drinks and Desserts

-Mello Yello

Crafted by placing a Can in the crafting grid, then place a lemon to the right of the Can in the crafting grid, then place Mello below the lemon to make Mello Yello. When drunk, the player restores 6 hunger points (3 hunger bars) and 1.7 saturation.

-Ice Cream

Crafted by placing Wheat at the bottom of the crafting grid, then placing a milk bucket above the wheat, then place a Chillelement above the Milk bucket to make your Ice Cream. When eaten, Ice Cream restores 5 hunger points and 0.2 saturation.


Crafted by placing a Milk Bucket in the crafting grid, then place 2 cocoa beans in the crafting grid; 1 to the left of the milk bucket, then 1 to the right of the milk bucket. Can be used to make White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Chocolate Blocks. Can also be eaten to restore 3 hunger points and 0.3 saturation.

-White Chocolate

Crafted by placing 1 Chocolate in the middle of the crafting grid; then place a Refined Pink dye to the left of the Chocolate and then place a Refined White dye to the right of the chocolate to craft White Chocolate. When eaten, White chocolate restores 3 hunger points and 0.5 saturation. White chocolate can also be used to make White Chocolate Blocks.

-Dark Chocolate

Crafted by placing 1 Chocolate in the middle of the crafting grid, then place 1 cocoa beans to the right of the chocolate, than place a Refined Gray Dye to the left of the Chocolate. When eaten, Dark Chocolate restores 6 hunger points and 0.4 saturation.



-Obsidian Dye

Doesn't have a use as of right now, but may be used later to give things a dark-purple color. Crafted by placing an Ink Sac (black dye) next to some Purple Dye.

-Citrus Dye

Used to craft Lemons. Crafted by surrounding a Refined Yellow Dye with 4 sugar.

-Dark Red Dye

Obtained by placing an Ink Sac (black dye) next to Red Dye in the crafting grid. Used to craft Rubies.

-Vibrant Green Dye

Obtained by placing a light gray dye in the crafting grid, then place 1 lime dye to the right of the light gray dye, then finally place a lime dye below the light gray dye to make 3 Vibrant Green Dyes. Used to craft Emeralds.

-Hot Pink Dye

Crafted by placing 1 Red Dye in the crafting grid, then place a Pink dye to the right of the Red dye. Used to craft Amethyst.

-Refined Yellow Dye

Obtained by smelting Yellow Dye. Used to craft Citrus Dye.

-Refined White Dye

Obtained by smelting Bonemeal. Used to craft White Chocolate.

-Refined Gray Dye

Obtained by smelting Gray Dye. Used to craft Dark Chocolate.

-Refined Pink Dye

Obtained by smelting Pink Dye. Used to craft White Chocolate.

And many more...

Modification files
bad.jar - DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!!! To download the mod please click the MediaFire link in the main description above.Uploaded on: 01/24/2021 - 18:16   File size: 16.18 KB


Version 1.0.4: Revolution of the Tools

-Added Quiver

  • Crafted by placing 1 leather in the bottom-left slot of the crafting grid, then place 1 leather at the middle of the entire crafting grid, then place 1 string above each leather to craft the quiver.
  • Used to store arrows, by surrounding an empty quiver with 8 arrows in a crafting grid. Stores up to a maximum of 64 arrows (1 stack).

-Added Ice Shard

  • Obtained by Right-clicking Ice with a Diamond Hammewrench.
  • Aside from being used to craft Ice, it is useless for now, so moving on.

-Removed Diamond Shard

  • If you see your Diamond Shards gone after the update, don't come crying to me. I warned you in the update prior to this.

-Added Diamond Hammewrench

  • Crafted by placing a Diamond on the bottom-left corner of the crafting grid, a Diamond on the top-right corner of the crafting grid, and a regular Hammewrench in the middle.
  • This was added to make the regular Hammewrench less OP. Since before you could turn Obsidian into shards with just a normal Hammewrench, making an easy way to break into a bunker made out of Obsidian, for example.
  • However, you will still be able to remove Toxoal blocks with the regular Hammewrench, and you can still use the regular Hammewrench for machines (including Alchemical Resource Binder and the Industrial Smasher) since a Diamond Hammewrench is more of mid-game to late-game.

-Added Hammewrench Handle and Unfired Hammewrench Handle

  • Hard to explain how to craft Unfired Hammewrench Handle, very soon I'm going to switch from telling how to make the recipes to just giving you images of the recipes.
  • Hammewrench Handle is obtained by either smelting a Unfired Hammewrench Handle or placing a Unfired Hammewrench Handle in the crafting grid, then a Heatelement to the right.

-Changed some textures again

  • Fixed texture size for Blu-Rod, Resoning Rod, Electrocuting Rod, and Obsidian Stick
  • Fixed handle size for Electric Pickaxe
  • Changed textures for Obsidian Dye, Obsidian Pickaxe, and Obsidian Shard.
  • Texture for Mint Dagger still not fixed yet.

-Added Ardite

  • Combined with a Blaze Rod and a Signalum Ingot in the Alchemical Resource Binder.

-Added Sandstone Axe

  • Same durability as Sandstone Pickaxe, same recipe as normal axe but with sandstone instead.

DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ovjbq02kjwo7ejd/ATMM-1.0.4-1.12.2.jar/file

P.S. Sorry about the long wait. I had a ton of other projects I was working on, and kept me from putting this up.

Version 1.0.3: Pieces update (QOL)

-Players can now smelt Diamond Armor and Tools in return for a Diamond Nugget, just like with Iron, Chainmail, and Gold. Players can now also smelt an Emerald Sword for 1 Emerald Nugget, or an Emerald Blade for 3 Emerald Nuggets.

-Added Graphite Essence

  • You now get 2 of this instead of 1 Graphite when mining with a Coal Pickaxe.
  • When 2 Graphite Essence is placed in the crafting grid in any order you can craft Graphite, and Graphite can be converted back into Graphite Essence.

-Renamed Planks recipe to Oak Planks (crafting table ingot recipe)

-Added recipes to convert wooden slabs back into their respective planks (haven't done it yet with other slabs yet)

-Diamond Shard is now deprecated. Upon updating to this version, you have until the next update to convert any diamond shards you have back into diamond nuggets or they will be removed entirely.

-Added Sandstone Pickaxe

  • Has Harvest level 1 and 102 durability.
  • Crafted like a regular pickaxe, except with Sandstone along the top. Repair using Sandstone.

-Added Ender Pickaxe

  • Has a Harvest level of 1, and has 159 durability.
  • Crafted like a regular pickaxe, except with Ender Pearls along the top. Repair using Ender Powder.
  • When mining, you have a 10% chance to teleport 5 blocks above yourself, which may lead you to suffocation and to an extent, death.

-Changed a lot of handle textures (namely pickaxes and the Aote, mint dagger texture didn't change yet)

-Added 4 more Monstercat Discs (I will also let you find that yourself; just remember you can always look for it in the creative inventory)

-Speaking of the creative inventory, there is a new layout (I believe you have to load a new world to see changes)

-Added 2 new texture files (These will be used in the next update)

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/shihrc21uz4qibg/ATMM-1.0.3-1.12.2.jar/file

Version 1.0.2: Stone Update (QOL)

-Added Andesite Pickaxe, Granite Pickaxe, and Diorite Pickaxes

  • Crafted like normal pickaxe but with each of their respective material (in this case it is andesite, granite, and diorite)
  • All have same durability and harvest level as Stone Pickaxe.

-Added Quatturodecuple Compressed Cobblestone (Cobblestone's 14th compression)

-Added Torch Block (crafted with 9 torches)

-Added Carrot Bricks

  • Crafted like Stone Bricks, but with Carrot Blocks instead of Stone.

-Added 2 new Monstercat Discs (I will let you find that yourself; If you don't how to find it just look for it in creative inventory)

-New item: Resonant Sieve

  • Crafted by surrounding an Ender Pearl with 4 Resoning Rods.
  • Will now be used for Aspect of the End recipe.

-Aspect of the End now requires you to have 1 Ender Powder in order for ability to work, with a 20% chance for you to lose your Ender Powder.

DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/277xb4and95npym/ATMM-1.0.2-1.12.2.jar/file

Version 1.0.1: Initial Hunger Update (QOL)

-(FIXED: Bug #000000) Knife got removed from crafting grid after skinning Apples.

-Obsidian Sword is now crafted with Obsidian Shards instead of regular Obsidian.

-Added Apple Ingot (Useless for now)

-Added Apple Dust (Compressed Apple Crumbs)

  • Crafted by placing 5 Apple Crumbs in the crafting grid in a plus (+) shape.
  • Can also be converted back into Apple Crumbs.
  • Can be smelted into an Apple Ingot

-Added Apple Crumbs

  • Crafted by placing an Apple in the crafting grid (Makes 6).

-(FIXED: Bug #000001) Industrial Smasher Obal (blockstate) appears in creative inventory under "Building Blocks" tab.

-Added back Enchanted Golden Apple recipe

-Skinned Apple will now restore 4 hunger points (2 hunger bars) and 1.5 saturation instead of 3 hunger points and 0.7 saturation (Regular apples will still restore 4 hunger points and 2.4 saturation).

-Dark Chocolate now restores 0.4 saturation instead of 0.1. Hunger point restoration values remain unchanged.

-White Chocolate now restores 0.5 saturation instead of 0.4. Hunger point restoration values remain unchanged.

-Mello Yello now restores 6 hunger points (3 hunger bars) and 1.7 saturation instead of 4 hunger points and 0.3 saturation.

-(FIXED: Bug #000002) Chocolate Block crafts back into 1 chocolate instead of 9 chocolate.

-Sweet Grass now gives Nausea effect for 2 seconds (40 ticks) instead of 6 ticks.

DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4jjwidnsqnys45a/ATMM-1.0.1-1.12.2.jar/file

Version 1.0.0

-Added everything (can't go into detail since the mod already has a description)

DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bs88tn9rsx0nqqi/ATMM-1.0-1.12.2.jar/file

May you want to update the mod to 1.15.2 :)
The mod adds a lot of things that look quite interesting, but you could really improve the logo