Minecraft... But Speedrunning is easy

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Are speedrunners too good at the game? Do you want to be one, but you can't be bothered practising? You've come to the right place, my friend!

This mod allows everything to be soo much easier. Take a look at endermen. Their drop is so rare... With this mod, ender pearls are so common, you can literally get 25 stacks for killing enderman!!! Enderman also spawn more commonly in the overworld!

But uh... What if they're still too rare to find? Well then, time to trade with piglins! They can drop stacks of ender pearls every trade!

Next, blaze rods. Well, you can guess this one too... Blazes drop them all the time. But, aren't nether fortresses too hard to find? Yes, so this mod makes them 13~65 times more common depending on your luck! You can literally see nether fortresses everywhere in large open areas!

Hmm... But isn't going to the nether too hard in the first place? No problem anymore! You can find ruined portals with op loot inside them, and on top of that, most ruined portals have full frames!!!

Okay, let's say you finally got your eye of enders... But strongholds are hard to find...

Well, in this mod, eye of ender can only detect strongholds with the mazes... But uh, I've made it too easy now haven't I? Under every chunk is an end portal room... Yes, you can literally strip-mine for end-portal rooms. They spawn around 10~30 blocks under the surface. But um... what if you only had like 2 eyes of ender? More than enough! These end portal rooms not only spawn without monster spawners, but are 11 eye!!!

Now, going to the end is no problem! Except one thing... What if you get like the worst seed? Fear not! This mod also multiplies chances of structures spawning, so you can sometimes find structures in unnatural places!

Obviously, I haven't made the ender dragon boss fight easier though.

But speedrunners use beds, and they're quick right? So is there a fast way to get them? Yes! All you need is one white bed, from a village or crafting. Then break it. Yes, you can multiply white beds. (Only white beds though) just to make life easier. Loot from some chests are also much better, like mineshafts, end cities, villages and even the bonus chest if you choose to start with it (Trust me, you can get full netherite with bonus chest sometimes XD)! So uh, good luck speedrunning!



(Note: Do not cheat and post this on official speedrunning sites EVER. It's too obvious, and it's just not right. This mod is only for comedy purposes.)

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