Souls Of The Seas

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Welcome to souls of the seas! YArr!!! we have pirates! clams! an enchantment called rouge, and more! come battle your foes, steal your loot, and sink yer Ship!

Head of textures: SquadreyPlayz

Head Of development: Imacodingboy

Head Of music: Feftastic123


Added: Pirate Spawn Egg, Clam Spawn Egg, Bag, Oyster, Rouge Enchantment Book, Small Pirate Ship, Big Pirate Ship, Ships And Sails painting, oshton, oshton bricks, oshton brick walls.


Version two:

fixed pirate spawning naturally, added tough trader and dock, added saphires, diamond emerald and sapphire rings.


Modification files