Published by SkylieTuff on Fri, 09/10/2021 - 01:49
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Minecraft Forge mod
MIT License
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Phantoms Reprieve

Just a simple mod that makes it so phantoms come sooner in the night, even in your first day of loading world. 

Peaceful Mode: No phantoms spawn unless minecraft spawns them naturally 

Easy Mode= Increased Phantoms spawning

Normal Mode =  Chainmail Skeletons with weapons riding phantoms with chance to drop chainmail armor

Hard Mode = Charged Creeper riding phantom - instant kill. Best to avoid at all costs. 

phantoms still set on fire & die in day, but the riders stay present and alive

Phantoms don't come out during day

Adds op armor & sword that you get a chance of 30% being gifted after first 3 hours of in game playin real life hours not game hours. After 6 hours, you'll get another 30% chance of item being gifted. Etc, etc.  

All above will only happen in survival mode for obvious reasons. 


Doesn't add new anything except armor & weapon. Just a challenge mod for those who like challenges

Modification files
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