Custom 3d Elytra/Armor

Published by __SK__ on Thu, 09/23/2021 - 04:47
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Basic Winged Armors

Combining procedures and some extra coding custom elytra's are fully functional.

3d Armors

All armors are glitch free - included in this mod are chestplates only, will continue with helmets, leggings and boots.

3d Winged Armors

Added 4 variations with wings, will spread in mid-air.


Shields will not show recipes until unlocked. Place the Acacia shield base with any shield center crafting table.


Every item has recipes and will show with JEI, to see shields recipes search for shield and click on it. Recipes will be shown if using JEI mod.


JEI recommended for recipes. How?



For flying >Sprint, then jump, and with rocket in main-hand do right click. Or jump off a cliff tap CTRL to glide. To glide, must have rocket in main-hand. Also in mid-air, just tap CTRL and with rocket in main-hand do right click. 

For landing> release "W" and tap left shift while 3-5 blocks above the ground or hold left shift to reduce speed, also will slow fall. Only works with winged armors on chest. 



Rick's winged armor will be modified soon (working on it).



I will appreciate all the feedback and suggestions given. 

Modification files
3D Flying Armors by __SK__ 1.16.5 v7.jar - Added useful items, 5 Acacia Shields and 16 New custom 3d Armors with recipes.1.29 MB
3D Flying Armors by __SK__ 1.16.5 v8.jar - Fix - Changed sprint/jump to sprint/jump/with firework rocket on main-hand for elytra flying. Disabled - elytra flying sound.1.42 MB

Cool mod, only problems are dubled elytra soundtrack while flying with armor and jumping while sprinting while trying to climb mountains(you start flying so you fall on block longer than without armor.)