[Pipis] Mod

Published by Purrpy on Mon, 10/11/2021 - 00:37
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[Heaven] are you WATCHING? IT'S TIME TO MAKE A VERY [Specil] DEAL...

 [Pipis] Mod


This is a mod based on one of my favorite characters from DELTARUNE (A game by Toby Fox that hasn't been released yet, but you can get the demo here), Spamton!


  • 2 new enemies
  • 1 new boss with 2 different ranged attacks and the ability to summon other enemies
  • 3 new blocks
  • 1 new weapon
  • 4 new music discs (two of which are craftable, the other two are drops from the new enemy/boss)
  • 1 new food item
  • 8 new items
  • 7 new recipes
  • 2 new achievements
  • 1 new structure with loot and a mob spawner
  • Battle music for the boss and one enemy (Can be turned off by lowering music volume)
  • Full subtitles for all new sounds
  • Quotes from the game
Modification files
pipismod.jar - The first version of the mod3.16 MB
  • 10/10/2021: Mod uploaded

I like how you just name it "Pipis mod" when in reality there is more important content here

THIS MOD IS NOT [little worm] IT IS [BIG SH0T] IT IS PERFECT TO CHANGE MY [$4.99] LIFE TO [despair]