A Soul Eater anime minecraft mod!

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Welcome to Soul Eater anime mod!

Soul Eater mod brings the world of the manga and anime Soul Eater to minecraft, including the soul gathering and powerful technics. Your objective is simple, alongside your weapon partner Soul Evans collect 99 corrupted souls and one witch soul to transform it into a powerful Death Scythe!


Corrupted Souls  can be collected from:

  • Al Capone's family members (100%);
  • Arachne Followers (100%);
  • Zombies (50%).


Witch Souls can be collected from:

  • Boss Witch Medusa (100%);
  • Boss Witch Eruka (100%).


To accomplish your task there are some important mechanics to learn:

  • Alternating Human/Weapon form:

Right clicking your partner in human form will turn it into a weapon and right clicking your partner in weapon form will turn it into a human.


  • Soul feeding:

With a Corrupted Soul or Witch Soul in your right hand, right click your partner in human form to feed it. Feeding it with the wrong soul will reset all your work. Keep in mind: 99 Corrupted Souls and one Witch Soul!


  • Status:

Button  'G' allows you to view important information about you and your partner.


  • Soul Resonance:

Pressing button 'R' will resonate your soul with your partner in weapon form in your right hand. Resonance outcome depends of your status. Time between resonance is about 2 minutes.


  • Skill:

Currently there is one available. Drinking Black Blood and pressing the button 'B' will grant you resistance and regeneration but your madness will grow each minute. Craft some Herbal Medicine with a water bottle and 3 flowers in any position to lower madness.


Overall Content:


  • Al Capone's family members;
  • Arachne Followers;
  • Arachne Followers Snow Clothing;
  • Human;
  • Frog;
  • Soul Evans.


  • Boss Maka Albarn;
  • Boss Krona;
  • Boss Tadpole Jackson;
  • Boss Witch Eruka;
  • Boss Witch Medusa.


  • Scythe;
  • Witch Hunter Scythe;
  • Demon Hunter Scythe;
  • Kishin Hunter Scythe;
  • Death Scythe Soul;
  • Death Scythe;
  • Ragnarok;
  • Ragnarok alpha.


  • Human soul;
  • Corrupted soul;
  • Witch soul;
  • Herbal medicine;
  • Black blood;
  • Resonance music disc;
  • Paper moon music disc.

And more...


Any bugs or suggestions feel free to report on comments!

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Hey! i rlly like this mod for real! ur work is awesome ngl! i may only need to ask u something, lemme now when ur online!

will you add other factions to the mod, like being able to chose a witch or weapons?

Sorry for the late answer, I was indeed planning in adding witch, shinigami and human class in the mod, aswell other weapons from the anime, but by major happenings I won't be able to work on the mod any time soon, my apologies for that.

man imagine somehow comning this with epic fight mod that would be soooo sick