MDTTV Weird Mod

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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

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MDTTV Weird Mod: The experience is here!

The MDTTV Weird Mod brings all 300 things to your playing on Minecraft!

1.16.5 Only

Downloads below.

About the mod

MDTTV Weird Mod is a mod that makes gameplay for Minecraft easier and better. We will recommend using the mod in Creative. It adds dimensions, structures, blocks, items, armor, woods, biomes and more.


This mod is made by Mylar Dale Tolo


If you don't know how to enter new dimensions, go to the document on

Warning: Version 1.00B1 will be removed for the way of 1.01 build 1 because MCreator has a maximum of 4 mod files.

Tutorial World

Coming soon.

Wait! There's more!

Developer's Program

If you want to see some new blocks that will be added in the future update, go to

Modification files
MDTTVWeirdMod1.16.5.jar - Version 1.00, Build 12.8 MB
MWM 1.16.5 Version 1.00 Build 2.jar - Version 1.00, Build 23.18 MB

Upcoming release - 1.01 Build 1 (Mainstream Release)

  • Stralge wood type
  • Greenstone Lamp

New release - 1.00 Build 2

  • Liquage (Fluid Storage)
  • Transterians and Tourists (Mobs)
  • Transterian Domehouse (Structures)
  • Energy Drink (Drink)
  • Roads
  • Martian Soda (Soda)
  • Energy machines
  • More!