Boxles Sword TCG

Published by Boxle on Sun, 10/24/2021 - 20:09
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod aims to add a TCG type of experience into Minecraft.

The cards aren't only just there to brag about though, they turn into powerful swords with their own characteristics.

There are 37(Hopefully more soon) all unique sword cards to collect. There are 5 different rarities of sword cards to collect: Common-Rare-Epic-Legendary-and Contraband. The rarer the sword the better it is.

You may be asking yourself, how can I get these cards that turn into swords, well first you have to find boxes hidden around the world, They can be found in 3 different kinds of structures, but be aware of the pesky shopkeeper trying to keep all of the cards to himself. Once you have found a box, step on top of it making it open, and the rng begins, some boxes may have 5 card packs out of the 10 available in them whereas others could have none. Once you have opened your box and acquired card packs, you can place the card packs on the ground and then break them to see what is inside. Some card packs may have multiple cards and others may have none, that's the fun of it. Now you may be standing in your Minecraft world with all of the cards but you may think, what do I do with these, well if you get a creation staff(That you can craft) you can put the necessary cards into the crafting table alongside your creative staff and walla you have your own sword! Now at this point, you may have all of the most powerful swords, but what to do with them, well 2 new bosses were just added to make life harder, but once they are defeated you will get rewarded with an exclusive weapon.

Just a warning to those who download this mod, it is still a word and progress, so I will be using your feedback to make this mod better, But other than that thank you and I hope you enjoy this mod as much as I did creating it!

Also is on the forge website. 

Modification files
BoxlesSwordTCG_1.16.5-4.jar - Removes some spawning bugs809.91 KB
BoxlesSwordTCG_1.16.5-5.jar - Added another sword--added a second stage to boss--added two more card packs and mobs--balanced things940.56 KB
BoxlesSwordTCG_1.16.5-7.jar - Added a second boss to the game plus achievements and descriptions, plus 2 more structures.1.07 MB
BoxlesSwordTCG_1.16.5-8.jar - Most Updated Version: Changed a single texture(The Immoral Sword)1.07 MB