Dangerous Temperatures

Published by DumbPocket on Sun, 11/21/2021 - 11:41
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Dangerous Temperatures is a small mod that add dangers to heat an cold.

If you happen to pass by a desert it might be the case that you catch on fire.

If you happen to visit a snowy biome or similar you might start to freeze.

You can get used to some temperatures meaning you will not be affected by that bias, so if you spent a long time in color biomes, you can be there without problem, just dont visit hot biomes, the same goes switched around.

The base temperatur is based off the biome, the light and height you are on shifts it and if it rains it also puts it down some degrees.

Modification files
DangerousTemperatures.jar - Original15.98 KB
DangerousTemperatures_0.jar - Dami's Core Edition (Requires the new Core mod)17.92 KB

Dami's Core Mod Edition:

 - Take on leather armor to resist more colder biomes

 - Take on a carved pumpkin to resist hotter biomes


DCME 1.1.1:

- Fixed bug that might have caused world unable to load