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Clash of Clans Weapons is a mod for Minecraft that aims to add content from the smartphone game Clash of Clans. It adds defeneces, buildings and troops and heroes and more! 

Troops,buildings,heroes have the main function to help you defend agaist Hostile mobs. You can make troops and summon heroes with the resources like elixir and dark elixir.

You can find elixir and dark elixir like normal ores or using collector or Dark elixir drills.


You can make the troops attack the buildings and the other way around setting the gamerule attackBuildings to true.




-PEKKA with 2 levels

-Hog Rider



  • Summons Skeletons every time he is hit.

-Cannon Cart

  • Has the last stand ability.

-Night Witch

  • Summons Bats every time she is hit.

-Battle Machine

  • A rideable mob.
  • Has the ability to strike lightings (14 seconds cooldown)
  • Available at level 1, 10 and 20.



  • Summons Big Boys every time he is hit. (7s cooldown)
    • Big Boys are Giant Skeletons with hight hp and damage.




  • a tamable mob, you can treath like a stronger wolf.

-Electro Owl

  • A flying mob. His projectiles strikes lightings every time they hit some live entity.


  • Follows player and heals them.
  • spawns like normal animals.


Other mobs


  • He can trade with you.


-Archer queen

  • Will help you defeding from hostile mobs.
  • Hight damage but low health.


-Hammer of Building

  • Upgrade a building by smithing instantly.
  • Can be obtained by fishing.

-Book of Building

  • Have no functionality currently.
  • Can be obtained by fishing.

-Bulder Elixir

  • .You can use it in builder barracks to make troops.


  • You can use it in barracks to make troops.

-Hammer of Heroes

  • Upgrade a hero by smithing instantly.
  • Can be obtained by fishing.



-Home village grass

-Builder base grass


-Elixir Collector

  • Generates elixir over time.
  • Has 3 levels.
  • every level increases speed production.
    • Level 1 production is 0.25 elixir/sec.
    • Level 2 production is 0.5/sec.
    • Level 3 produciotion is 0.6/sec

-Dark elixir drill

  • Generates Dark Elixir over time.
  • Has 1 level.
    • Level 1 produces 1 dark elixir every 10 seconds.

-Inferno Tower

  • Shoots a costant beam of fire.
  • Immune to fire damage.
  • Targets hostile mobs.


  • Shoots an explosive shell every 5 seconds.
  • Available at level 10 and level 14 only.
  • Targets hostile mobs.
  • Immune to explosions.


  • Throws rocks at hostile mobs.

-Air Defence

  • Targets hostile phantoms.
  • If the rule attackBuildings is set to true, it wil attack any flying entity.

-Dark Elixir Storage

  • Available at level 6,7,8,9.
  • Each level has increasing storage capacity. 

-Elixir Storage

  • Their purpose is to store elixir.
  • Available at level 1.

-Builder's Hut

  • Can spawn in the world, and usually there is a builder in it.

-Dark elixir barracks

  • Lets you make dark elixir troops by putting the required dark elixir.
    • with you 2 dark elixir you can make an hog rider.
    • with 3 dark elixir you can make a valkyrie.
    • with 5 dark elixir you can make a witch.


  • Lets you make elixir troops by putting the required elixir.
    • with you 3 elixir you can make a giant.
    • with you 7 elixir you can make a wizard.
    • with you 9 elixir you can make a dragon.
    • with you 10 elixir you can make a pekka.

-Builder Barracks

  • Lets you make Builder Base troops.
    • With 7 builder base elixir you can make a cannon cart.
    • With 8 builder elixir you can make a night witch.



  • When a entity collides with it, a small explosion triggers.

-Spring Trap

  • Bounce any entity that steps on it.

-Giant Bomb

  • When a entity collides with it, a large explosion triggers.


-Pekka Sword

  • Available at levels 1,2,3,4 with increasing damae.
  • Plays pekka sounds when used.

-Barbarian Sword

  • Available at level 3,4,5,6,7.
  • Level 7 set entities on fire.

 -Witch's stick

  • Press H (defeault) while holding this item to summon skeletons that will fight for you (7s cooldown).

-Archer Queen Crossbow

  • Shoots multiple projectiles.


-Builder Base

  • A biome that is similar to builder base, builder base elixir ore is found here

-Home Village

  • A biome that is similar to home village, elixir ore is found here
Modification files


  • Added level 14 mortar
  • Changed propieties for Home Village grass


  • Added Valkyrie
  • Added recipe for builder hut,and elixir storage


  • Added builder hut level 2
  • minor improvements


  • Added giant bomb
  • Added bomb
  • Added Air defence


  • Added Spring Trap
  • Improved Bats
  • Added elixir collector level 3.


  • Added cannon cart
  • Fixed a bug on Super Witch cooldown