Swamp Biomes

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Project status
In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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  This mod was created to expand the swamp, not just improving it, adding more sticky, muddy, and swampy biomes.

  One of the main biomes of the mod is the mangrove biome (inspired by minecon 2021), it features new mangrove wood, custom trees, mud and its bricks and sticked plant

  The next biome I want to show you is the Bayou biome, it has a new Bayou wood, a new flower called Calendula and a new block called the firefly hive which throws firefly particles away by, breaking the block drops a new item called luminessence, which serves to make artificial fireflies hives.

  Another very beautiful biome to build a house is the cypress biome, a green wood that looks more like a rich people's tree, in this biome there is a new structure, the marsh tower, which contains a diamond and other blocks from the marsh biomes.

  If you want to help me, download the mod and see how it is doing, this is my first mod so I appreciate it if you give me your opinion and tell me about bugs and ideas for improvement more and more, each idea is accepted (of course, it has to have to do with the theme of the mod)



- Textures renewed and updated;
- Changes in the firefly particle;
- Fireflies are now a standard particle of the flowering marshy plains biome;
- Mud and mangroves do not appear in minecraft vanilla swamp biome;
- Changes in the generation of biomes;
- More vanilla item crafts with mod items;
- Mod flowers now have the mechanics of other minecraft flowers with bees.


- New Willow Marshy Lake biome;
- New willow wood;
- New Poisonous Lavender;
- Pestle for grinding lavender;
- New variation of the dry mud block, a chiseled mud;
- New sticky moss (looks like quicksand);
- Moss balls used to make moss blocks;
- In celebration of Christmas, like garlands!


- Basically, simply and without complications, mod updated to 1.17!


- New "dark swamp" music disc;
- New conquests;
- New sound effects for mod biomes;
- Improved texture of willow doors and trapdoors;
- Increased flower generation in the marshy flowering plains biome;
- Swamp trees are now common in the lowland biome with swamp flowering;
- Portals in ruins and huts appear in some biomes of the mod;
- [Bug] Fixed issue that mod structures were spawning wrong;
- [Bug] Fixed issue where all biomes outside the mob water were completely full of oak trees;
- [Bug] Jungle trees were spawning in the cypress biome.