Next World Next Generation New Light

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Remember this an alpha build, Things may Change in the final release.
At the moment there’s only one biome and the portal method transportation is just a placeholder for the moment.

Welcome to the Next World Next Generation New Light Mod. This Remake of the Next World Next Generation 2 Mod and will offer a sister dimension to Orros called Farros and some new blocks, weapons and items etc. relatively the same stuff as the original mod.

Q: What forge version is this for?

A: This mod is for Forge and higher

Q: Do I need to backup my worlds and if I do how do I do it?

A: Go to your PC’s Homescreen search bar and type %Appdata% then look for the .Minecraft Folder and go to saves and copy your Saved world

Q: Are all the Weapons, Items, etc. Able To be crafted?

A: Yes

Q: Are these weapons rated for overpowered Mobs?

A: Some of them can beat overpowered Mobs in a short amount of time.

Q: Will you ever update to future versions?

A: Maybe one day.

Q: Will you ever make Monsters for Farros?

A: Maybe if I can figure how to export the models and render them For 1.12.2.

JEI 1.12.2-4.16.301 Is Recommend. Here's the link The Next World Next Generation 2 mod is required to use this mod, as it is more of a addon for the original mod.…

ALL Rights Reserved Also I highly recommend before you go to Farros you should already have a iron tools, food, and lots of torches.


Modification files
NWNGNL 1.0.1a.jar - Older VersionUploaded on: 05/23/2022 - 23:24   File size: 334.25 KB
NWNGNL 1.0.3a Hotfix 2_0.jar - Stable VersionUploaded on: 04/26/2023 - 23:47   File size: 1.7 MB
NWNGNL 1.0.4a Testbuild 5.8 New Year's update.jarUploaded on: 01/01/2024 - 00:17   File size: 7.61 MB

- Added Blocks: Gypsum Sand, Silica Sand, Silica Sandstone Block, Silica Sandstone Stairs, Silica Sandstone Slab, Cyan Painted Silica Sandstone, Yellow Painted Silica Sandstone, Red Painted Silica Sandstone and, Green Painted Silica Sandstone.

- Added Weapons: Sayf Thaqil and Easifatan.

- Added Biomes: Silica Desert and Silica Desert Hills.

- Added Plants: Aloxshroom, Blue Rust Aloxshroom, and Dragon's Spikes Coral.

- Added Dye recipes for all Overworld spawning plants.

- Added Kindling Ashes Recipe.

- Redesigned Arsenic's Dragon's Slayer Shortsword and Silver Wakizashi.

- Fixed Barb Spore Damage value.

- Fixed Copperstone advancement.

- Fixed Modders Credits

- Fixed Reinforced brown sandstone hardness value.

- Fixed Brown Sandstone slab item pick up bug

- Fixed All Halstone Salium and Fogshroom tool damage values.

- Fixed Reinforced Brown Sandstone recipe group id.

- Lowered Silver Ore Spawing height

- Renamed Arsenic's Dragon Slayer Shortsword to Arsenic's Dragon Slayer Greatsword

- Added Mirror Dream.

- Fixed Copperstone Wall tab location.

- Fixed Brown Sandstone Stairs and slab texture.

- Fixed Copperstone Stairs and slab texture.

- Fixed Brown Sand spawing.

Retextured: Pelwood Log and Pelwood Trapdoor.

- Replace Diamonds in Farros Crafting Recipe with eyes of ender.

- Added Blue Rust Mountain Biome.

- Added NWNG crafting system support.

-Added Rose Venom Rose Vine Form

-Added Reinforced Brown Sandstone

- Redesigned Rose Venom

-Added Allaguardian Podao

- Fixed Kindling Ashes stats.

- Fixed Doxcide Bricks stats.

- Fixed Daxnum Block  stats.

- Redesigned Silver Block Texture.

- Added Block of Pressed Gold and Cracked Doxcide Brick.

- Added Parazal Peidao and Mia's Parazal Peidao.


- Redesigned The Dula Build Exiled Maiden Greatsword.


- Added Cotton Spores


- Added new Pelwood Tree variants.


- Added Gold Obsidian ōdachi

- Added Phoenix Palm Leaves and Dead Phoenix Palm Leaves

- Redesigned Silver Longsword

- Fixed Both Dula Build Exiled Maiden Greatsword and Longsword stats

- Added Silver Wodao and Pink Ilan Flowers.


- Added Green Grove Biome


- Added Structures: Phoenix Palm Tree and bush.


- Renamed Silver Katana to Silver Qijiadao.


- Fixed Silver ore spawning rate.


- Fixed Silica Desert Hills spawning rate.


- Added Silver Club and Silver Niuweidao.


- Changed Silver Qijia Dao model


- Fixed Blesh's Eyes of solitude Model.


 - Added Silver Battleaxe and Allaguardian Niuweidao


- Added Sandal Berries


- Added Sands Kiss Sandal Berry Bush


- Added Brown and Silica Sandstone Lantern Blocks


- Added Brown and Silica Sandstone Lantern Stands

 - Fixed Sandal Berry Bush Growning bug.


- Redesigned and renamed Both silver spears.



- Added Cebri's Gavel and Aqua Moon Dust variant.


- Changed all Silver weapons durability to 1,770


- Change all Silver weapons Enchantability level to 25.


- Fixed Green Grove spawning rate.

  • Added new Allaguardian weapons.

Please inform me of any bugs you may find.