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Turn charcoal into coal and create blocks using tools manually or automatically. This mod has been created for Minecraft 1.12.2 and brings some blocks that can help you creating items, or deleting unwanted items.

For more info on the mod, visit

This mod brings the carbonizer: a block capable of turning charcoal into coal, to use it just add charcoal on the top slot and add lava on the bottom one.

This mod also brings block generators:

Regular block generator: a block capable of creating cobblestone (in case of not having a diamond pickaxe), obsidian (in case of having a diamond pickaxe), dirt and sand with the click of a button

Upgraded block generator: a block capable of doing what the regular block generator does but automatically

This mod also brings trash cans:

Regular trash can: delete items with the click of a button

Upgraded trash can: delete items with the click of a button or with a redstone signal

Another block brought by the mod is the flower grower and the seeds:

Seeds: craft them by placing 2 flowers on the crafting table, they'll be needed for the flower grower

Flower grower: give it water and seeds and it'll start growing flowers based on the seed's type

Another addition is the gravel maker: a block capable of turning cobblestone into gravel or flint

This mod also includes a concrete bag for your building needs: store your concrete dust in here and a shovel if you want

If you need wood, this mod has you covered with the tree grower: a block capable of having a tree grow on it's top and get it's logs

After a while, this mod finally decided to add wolframite: a mineral which can be smelted to get wolframium [commonly known as tungsten], this heat resistant metal can be used to create the superheater which can be used to create netherack with cobblestone, create quartz with gravel and turn netherack into lava.

Whatever you do, never, neverNEVER decide to make lava without using a bucket or without removing the lava bucket on the output slot else you may find out that your house is now a bunch of lava floating on a crater which used to be your house. Also, since wolframium is a heat conductor, don't stand on it, else you may burn and possibly burn your house in consecuence, so make sure to place it in a non-flammable area and don't stand on it, never. It is completely safe to do this with netherack and with quartz since those 2 will not contribute to the internal pressure of the superheater and will just fall out of it

Another added thing is the fluid fusion block: use it to turn redstone and glowstone into their liquid form and turn the liquid forms into more redstone/glowstone by adding cobblestone

It also adds a new effect: moonlight_utilities:electrocution: it damages you based on the amplifier and can make you emit particles

The mod also adds a dedicated version of the liquid fusion so it can be used with mods

Due to the fact that 1.12.2 still uses bonemeal as white dye, this mod added white carbon flowers that spawn on the nether which can be used to create bonemeal using a nether environment block

This mod also has a cactus grower and a dedicated drop storage; you can attach a drop storage to the cactus grower if needed


You can enhance your experience with other mods like buildcraft or industrialcraft, but if you don't use these mods, this mod can enhance your building experience

Modification files
Moon's utilities 2.7.0 (1.12.2)_0.jar - Added liquid fusion, liquids, an effect and some wolframium stuffUploaded on: 01/01/2022 - 02:11   File size: 704.78 KB
Moon's utilities 2.8.0 (1.12.2).jar - Added dedicated machinesUploaded on: 01/03/2022 - 04:56   File size: 806.46 KB
moon's utilities 2.9.0 (1.12.2).jar - Changed some GUIs and added white carbon flowers along with the nether environment blockUploaded on: 03/05/2022 - 03:14   File size: 913.01 KB
Moon's utilities 2.9.1 (1.12.2).jar - Added the cactus grower, changed some recipes and added the dedicated drop storageUploaded on: 03/13/2022 - 05:56   File size: 956.5 KB

- Mod created

- Added placeable grass seeds [turn dirt into grass]

- Added the block generator [create blocks using tools, lava and water]

- Added the advanced block generator [similar to the block generator but it's automatic]

- Added the trash can [destroy items]

- Added the redstone trash can [destroy items with a red stone pulse]

- Removed recipe to turn charcoal into coal

- Added the carbonizer [turn charcoal into coal]

- Added the flower grower [duplicate your plants]

- Fixed weird glitch where the slot 0 and slot 2 of the flower grower shared the same inventory for some reason

- Added the flower seeds [flower grower took almost every plant as poppies, roses or dandelions so I had to make seeds to solve the problem]

- Changed the flower seeds recipe since it interfered with the vainilla dye recipe [2 flowers to make seeds]

- Added the gravel maker

- Added the concrete bag

- Added achievements which give you recipes and remind you of what you can do with the mod

- Added mini-saplings

- Added tree grower

- Added more achievements

- Added the superheater

- Added wolframite

- Added the wolframium ingot and the items craftable with this metal

- Added the heat resistant sand mix

- Added the heat resistant glass

- Added more achievements

- Fixed the glitch where the tree grower's procedure code reverted to the version where every sapling became oak

- Added more wolframium items

- Added the liquid fusion

- Added the redstone fluid

- Added the glowstone fluid

- Added the electrocution effect

- Added more wolframium items

- Added liquid fusion dedicated machines

- Added the dedicated storage

- Added ceiling lights

- Changed some GUIs

- Added white carbon flowers

- Added the nether environment block

- Changed the dedicated storage recipe

- Added the dedicated drop storage block

- Added the cactus grower

- Added the infinite water module