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Published by T0ADY_yt on Fri, 12/24/2021 - 13:06
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More Realistic

WARNING : I am french so sorry for the spelling mistakes

An update comming soon ! 01/20/2022

1. Hammers

Hammers can mine a 3x3 area. They can be made with 2 sticks, 1 stone block (no cobblestone) and 2 iron, gold, diamond or emerald. The Netherite Hammer is crafted in a Forge Table with a Netherire Ingot. The Emerald Hammer was more powerful, but it breaks faster.


2. Portable chest

The portable chest is made of a block of wooden planks and 4 sticks around it. When you open it, you have 3 additional inventory bars.


3. Totem of flying

The Totem of flying allows you to fly when you right click. It has 16 uses. It is composed of a totem of immortality, 3 diamonds, 1 Nether star and 2 gold nuggets.


4. Travelling stuff

The Traveling stuff is crafted in a Blacksmith Table with Leather Armor and Rabbit Leather. Travel boots allow you to run faster and travel pants jump higher


5. Enchantements

There are two enchantments in More MINECRAFT: Auto-smelt and Curse of fire. You can imagine what these enchantments are doing.

Comming soon : 

  • Travelling chesplate and travelling helmet

  • Amethyst sword

  • Wolf armor

  • More enchantements and totems

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