Spades Extension 3x3!

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 Spades Extension! is a vanilla-friendly forge mod, adding spade tools to your game and letting you dig ground 3x3x1 blocks (for example dirt, sand, or gravel)


Besides normal spades, there are also Enhanced Spades. The two most important aspects of normal spades is their durability, which is 10% better than shovels', regardless of each ore, and their efficiency, which is a bit worse (slower), compared to shovels.

Whereas Enhanced Spades' durability is 30% better than shovels' and also the efficiency is a bit higher (faster)! What's the catch with them? They are harder to craft, naturally, for example, you're gonna need an Enhanced Stick instead of a regular one. You'll find all the craftings below, however, I recommend JEI for that.


You can join me on my server Marwinekk's mods to see how my mods are being developed. Also, if you like my modding style, you can suggest what next QoL mod I could do for you!

Join the discord or donate to support me, so I can improve the mods' quality with more advanced programs!

If you wish to use this in a modpack, feel free to do so and let me know if you do!


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Modification files
Spades!.zip - text file with link to curseforge236 bytes