Vista Craft

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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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Vista Craft is a work in progress mod for Minecraft Forge version 1.14.4 witch add's new mobs a new unique biome and usb's witch can substitute stone pickaxe's and use diorite in there crafting recipe. More things are planed for this mod so please enjoy.

(This mod is in Version: Alpha 1.7.1)





Modification files
Vistacraft Alpha 7.0.1.jar - mod file (place in mods folder for Minecraft Forge 1.14.4)3.41 MB
Vistacraft Alpha 1.6.5.jar - mod file (Older Version)3.37 MB
Vistacraft Alpha 1.5_0.jar - mod file (Oldest Version)3.16 MB

Alpha 1.7.1 changes

-Added Cole tools (can also be used in a furnace as fuel)

-Added new biome hill (Brown leaves, red water, orange sky, baron terrain)

-Changed mob type of elise and sakura to passive

-Changed tree types in Windows vista and Playstation 3 biome

-Made Walnut trees unable to naturally spawn because of some bugs with walnut trees causing leaves to drop as items

-removed Herobrine

Alpha 1.6.5 changes

-Added Void Being mob

-Added the PlayStation 3 biome

-Added Sapphire and it's ore, it's block, it's armor, it's sword and it's tools.

-Added Nalnut Wood, planks, logs, slabs, fences, fence gates, leaves and stairs

-Added Knife

-Added Cream Soda liquid


Alpha 1.5 changes

-Added Elise mob

-Added Sakura mob

-Added Windows Vista Biome (includes various colors from the Windows Vista backround, tree's with melon's on them, extra gold ore in lack's and cave's with some infested stone)

-Added wooden, stone, iron, gold and diamond USB's. (crafting recipe: 1 diorite in top middle slot, 2 item of choice (wooden, stone, iron ingot, gold ingot or diamond) vertically in middle column) can't mine anything higher then iron.

-Added Windows Vista backround as 32 x 32 painting

-Added Loot table with gold items