burger mod

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ading burgers to the game and som now blocks

way i want to add burgers. bicose i whant to lurn a bit add add somting that way i whant it

i know it exist som bether mods but like i sad i dont rely like how it is so i dit it my self

suport from me can you sent to me on discord zaze_gaming#7931


-to get Burger meat

-to get Fries

-to get Bacon

-to get Unfryed fries

Modification files
burger-mod-1.1.0V-mc1.12.2V.jar - fix my gramary and added new burgers182.36 KB
burger-mod-1.0.2V-mc1.12.2V.jar - new verition of the mod182.33 KB
burger mod werkshop.zip - the mod werkchop90.17 KB

added som burgers and ather things

Copy & paste this:
Adding burgers to the game and some new blocks.
Why do i want to add burgers? Because I want to learn a bit and add something the way I want.
I know there are some better mods but like I said I don't really like how they look so i did it myself
Discord: zaze_gaming#7931

Please could you improve your description a little?
Also I'd recommend putting more detail in your textures :)

Im on the way to upload a new verition of the mod hear and i think on curse forge