Published by Kermite on Mon, 01/17/2022 - 17:35
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Sure, there are a decent amount of mods out there like this..........or are there?

Welcome to Dimensional Deluxe, the mod with both sandwiches and relics of Minecraft's past!

Use an Entropic Reversal Machine to reverse time itself on some items!

Make multiple different types of sandwiches!

Take different approaches to working with Ytterbium!

The dimensions are yours to explore!






Hi! Down here I'm going to go over all the recipes involving the Entropic Reversal Machine, since I'm not sure how well this translated into JEI. Before you do any of these, you're gonna need to power the Machine with End Crystals or Hearts of the Sea.

  • First, stick Ancient Debris in the ERM to obtain Unusual Plates; you use them to craft Carbon Alloy Ingots, which can be used to upgrade Netherite gear.
  • The much more interesting aspect of this unusual machine is the crafting of spawners and spawn eggs:
    • First, get your fuel for the ERM.
    • Next, grab any of these mob drops/blocks and put them in the top slot to get one of these listed outputs:
      • Raw Porkchop -> Fetus
      • Tropical Fish -> Fishspawn
      • Bone Block -> Bone Amalgamation
      • Wither Skeleton Skull -> Withered Bone Amalgamation
      • Gunpowder -> Mossy Spores
      • Rotten Flesh -> Rotten Fetus
    • Each of these time-reversed items can be used to craft the respective spawn eggs.
    • Using Bismuth, Crystal Shards and a Nether Star, you can craft a Life Crystal to use as your very own core for a spawner.

That's pretty much all you need to know about that!

ALPHA: After a bit more playtesting, I realized that some of the crafting recipes were nonexistent, so I fixed those.

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