Luna's Dream World

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The Luna dream world mod

It's about a mod that only shine for the moon that the name coming for with the blocks and biomes show and different nature and with the tools you can mine so much different even beyond the dimensions there are different biomes however when the moon shines around it the mobs trying to kill you however you have to survive every night when the moonlight shine above you you have your powerful sword powerful tools and Powerful equipment and your mining the blocks to find some items to collect all of the resource to make sure that your survival on something that you cannot handle however those enemies trying to stop you but you can jump up in the air carrying stronger by day unbuild your own house with the Luna blocks even you tried to make some Beacon but it's a limit that you can do anything you want into survival as the name calls his self Luna dream world.

If you want more Mb download the mod please go to this link on curseforge 


The versions that beyond this mod you can only download it on curseForge 1.0.0 

Also this name that it's going to be is going to have a new remake mod version So anything that you know see in this version and this name will be soon remake so right now you can still download the old version but later you can download the new version with new things new blocks new biomes and new items even with the new armor so it will not 100% perfected however I am trying my best to make sure that it will be a lot different look like as I have something ideas but you can still download the old version but in other ways it will not always be perfected


Now for the warning is that my English and my Netherlands will not be perfected so if you can understand anything that I just said please leave me alone because I don't want to have people that want me to correct it or judge me because I'm here to learn I'm here to improvement I'm here to show what I can do so if you cannot handle that please Don't Judge Me because I am here to try my best and that is the only point of view and if you cannot understand it then it will not be helpful

The Luna moon it's an original name for the moon as it Rome of th moon name and if you don't believe look  Google or Wikipedia 


Modification files
Luna's dream world remake version 1.9.8 release.jarUploaded on: 10/21/2022 - 00:51   File size: 3.94 MB
Luna's dream world remake version 2.3.0 beta 1.19.2.jarUploaded on: 12/13/2022 - 10:11   File size: 4.46 MB

version 0.2.4 i fix thing like this April Fools Day

version 0.2.7 add new block and other thing new 

version 0.3.1 drops and time and goal fix better 

version 0.3.3 add new ore and new tools also new block and new armor 2 new goals

version 0.3.8 new music add and fix color bit 

version 0.4.2 add new music and color dix more bit

version 0.5.0 new ore add and fix colors 

version 0.9.5 lot of fix and add 

version 1.6.4 alpha is the remake version want i had to start over want my pc need fix so i start back made better in time

My mod I'm making right now has a Lunar dimension. What a coincidence!

I'm going to remake this mod with 1.19.2 to 1.19.4 also some of plugs of 1.16.4 however there will be a new custom look like with new things add however it will not be perfect and it will not be better than 100% but as I'm going to remake this it it will look much different than at old version because I was thinking about new details some of here are there some new fixing some issues that I have done it but it will not perfect it seem with the procedure same with the blocks and entirely new biomes new items as also new weapons and new tools because of the mcreator 2023 will this be because I using new ideas and I want to make it also with a video time by time and if that isn't issue or if there is a problem you can put it in my comment section below on my YouTube channel when I rebuilt this mod now if you don't understand anything that I just said don't bother by that because I am here to show what I can my best way