Luna's Dream World

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Luna dream world 


This mod is about Luna of dreams that give moon beautiful love care about her items and tools but also block she changes blocks as for the moon that care about it it not like role playing not how survival about the moonlight and her dreams that see by her beautiful biome the dreams even if think it role playing not all about the beautiful moon that you forgot about it that why moon have name call Luna and you can survival by her items and blocks 


Also the mod will slowly update with new blocks or items as also new biomes as also going be Ores and tools be powerful it gets right now you look at blocks and tools I made of even it hard name or explain about there will be videos about the update that can checking out on my YouTube channel by name call yttoxic jack and there get more information about my mod also the can be use for survival as also in role-playing if want and if use optifine it will show more beautiful way of biome or Ores Block and the tools you can warrior of the moon 

if want mod more md go to this link

the version beyond of 0.5.0 well now only release on curseforge 

Also the name of the moon is Luna look up on Google or Wikipedia 

Modification files
luna dreams world vers 1.4.8 release.jarUploaded on: 07/28/2022 - 11:52   File size: 7.7 MB
Luna's dream world remake version 1.9.8 release.jarUploaded on: 10/21/2022 - 00:51   File size: 3.94 MB

version 0.2.4 i fix thing like this April Fools Day

version 0.2.7 add new block and other thing new 

version 0.3.1 drops and time and goal fix better 

version 0.3.3 add new ore and new tools also new block and new armor 2 new goals

version 0.3.8 new music add and fix color bit 

version 0.4.2 add new music and color dix more bit

version 0.5.0 new ore add and fix colors 

version 0.9.5 lot of fix and add 

version 1.6.4 alpha is the remake version want i had to start over want my pc need fix so i start back made better in time