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Evocation is a simplified magic mod that builds upon the Evoker magic of Minecraft.

Unlike other mods, Evocation is a simple, easy to learn magic mod that builds upon the existing systems in Minecraft instead of creating it's own complex systems. Harness the magical powers of Lapis Lazuli & use various totems to awaken the Evoker within you.

Watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/Qf9hWL-d-VQ



How do spells work?

Once the player has selected a class of Evocation using one of the totems, they immediately gain the ability to cast spells to fight their opponents and aid themselves in combat. Each class has a unique set of spells that are all assigned to the same 3 keys.
There are 3 types of spells that can be cast:

Your primary & secondary spells are usually very direct spells, while the area spell is more unique in the fact that it casts it's spell in a small area around you. Each one of these spells is unique for each individual class. For example, the Conjurer's primary spell is to spawn a fireball that can be punched in any direction, while the Enchanter's primary spell is to become resistant to damage and act as a "tank" class.


How do I become an evoker?

Picking a class of magic can be achieved at an Altar. These can be obtained either by raiding the Enchanter's tower, which contains an altar, or by creating one in a crafting table. The recipe is as follows:

By crafting the altar, you are able to craft the books that allow you to create the totems.
Because the player is not as skilled in the art of evocation as an actual evoker, you cannot master every kind of magic. As such, you must select from 1 of 3 classes: the Conjurer, the Summoner, and the Enchanter.
The conjurer is able to manifest weaker versions of items and objects to aid them. The summoner calls upon the aid of creatures, such as vexes or fangs, to help them. The enchanter is able to modify the state of existing things, and improve themselves as well as harming others. To write a book, you must acquire the right item to give the book the properties that allow it to create the Totem. The 3 recipes for books at the altar are as follows:

Once the player has created a book, they can use it in a crafting table to create a totem representing their class. This will allow them to activate the mana bar and begin casting spells. The recipe for any class' totem is as follows:

To change your class, you have to use a Totem of Unbinding, which the player cannot create. It is one of the rare drops received from defeating the Riddler, which is a unique type of Illager found only in the Enchanter's tower.

*Thank you to dorn#2249 for allowing us to adopt his mod, "Illage & Village" for use in Evocation.

*This mod was made using MCreator. (NOT AN AD) Learn more at https://mcreator.net/

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The system looks really cool, but I wish there was more to it than just abilities. Maybe just as an idea: you could add items that would have different properties when used with different classes etc. :D

Man your mod is very similar to mine. First mod out there I've seen spells assigned to keybinds rather than staffs. Just like mine! Keep at this! It has potential in my eyes!