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Published by Tarantel on Wed, 05/25/2022 - 07:14
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See the Current Chickens:




This is my own port of Roost + Chickens + More Chickens 


Current Features:

Catch Chickens
Breed some Chickens
Produce Resources with Chickens 


Work in Progress:

Adding Visuals to Roost and Breeder added in 0.2.2

Training to level the Chickens
Expanded Breeding 
JEI Integration
REI Integration
CraftTweaker Integration


How to activate the Roost: CLICK HERE


Chicken Catcher

 Craft a chicken catcher with an egg, a stick, and a feather. Use the catcher on a chicken to capture it and add it to your inventory.

Mod Chickens:
Default Mod Chickens:




Draconic Evolution (Atm only planned for 1.16.5)

Mystical Agriculture

Tinkers Construct

Thermal Series
Integrated Series
Much More!


Current Breedtable: Click here



Modification files
roost_ultimate_0.2.1-beta.jarUploaded on: 05/25/2022 - 07:17   File size: 2.38 MB
roost_ultimate_0.2.2-beta.jarUploaded on: 05/29/2022 - 03:47   File size: 2.48 MB
roost_ultimate_0.2.3-beta.jarUploaded on: 05/31/2022 - 03:06   File size: 2.62 MB

Update to 0.2.3:
Added the Trainer.
Added Tiered Chickens.
Added Level and XP to chickens.
Higher Level increase the Output in Roost.
If u spawn a chicken with the Item it keeps the Level and XP!
Added the Chickenscanner.
Added Entity Labels to the Chicken so on closerange u see the Names.

Added new Options:
Change the Trainer Speedtick.
Change the Maxlevel for any Tier of the Chickens.
Change the needed XP Amount for any Tier of the Chickens.


Update to 0.2.2
Added Visuals for Breeder and Roost:
Breeder closes the Window if a Chicken is in and has Food.
Roost show u now the Chicken inside it via Blockmodel.
Limited Input of Roost Slot 1 to Chickens only.
Limited Input of Breeder Slot 1 to Breedable Chickens only.
Same for second Slot of both blocks set to Food = forge:seeds TAG.
Added a new Config that generates in /Config.
It allows u to change the Global Speed of Breeding and the Global Speed of the Roost production Time.
Added a Timer inside the GUI of Breeder and Roost to see how long it takes rly.

For ppl that used the last Version:
Move the Chickens outside of the Roost and Breeder in your Inventory and back to the Roost/Breeder to see the Modelchanges!