Orchonite Mod [Fabric] UNTESTED

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This is a mod that adds a new netherite like material and is slightly better. For now the material spawns in the overworld, but that might change.

Now this stuff is hard to find, like really hard. I spent 2 days looking for some, even in spectator mode! I was able to find it easier after that though.

Almost all groups only have 1 ore in it, so good luck finding it : )

Remember that the block is crafted with 8 ingots with 1 crying obsidian in the middle.

This fabric version also has less advancements because some triggers do not work with fabric. This version also has no custom villager trades

(This mod is an untested version)

Forge version: https://mcreator.net/modification/88193/orchonite-new-netherite-material

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orchonitemod-fabric-1.171.jar - Beta V1Uploaded on: 07/07/2022 - 01:09   File size: 142.44 KB

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