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Legacy Revived is a mod for the nostalgic folks of Minecraft, which adds blocks and features from legacy versions of Minecraft plus an original way of crafting said blocks.

If you ever wanted to have the legacy aestethic in tandem with the modern blocks, all available in survival as well, this mod is for you.
You can now recreate those old builds with the original blocks in your modern worldand more!


Some of the features include:

  • Cobblestone from the legacy and the pre-classic versions of Minecraft.
  • Wool from the classic era.
  • Rose
  • Features from the legacy pocket edition like a fully functional nether reactor.
  • Food that heals hearts directly.
  • All the blocks use period correct sound effects.
  • Classic and legacy essences for crafting all the legacy blocks and items.
  • Infdev brick pyramids at the original coordinates.


You can use this mod on your modpack. (Italian localization available for all versions.)


Let the old coexist with the new!

Modification files
Legacy Revived 1.0.3 Forge 1.16.5.jarUploaded on: 09/14/2023 - 10:08   File size: 6.44 MB
Legacy Revived 1.3.0 Forge 1.18.2.jarUploaded on: 09/14/2023 - 10:07   File size: 5.22 MB
Legacy Revived 1.3.3 Forge 1.19.2.jarUploaded on: 03/02/2023 - 10:50   File size: 5.28 MB
Legacy Revived 1.4.0 Forge 1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 09/22/2023 - 10:04   File size: 5 MB

1.1.5 changelog:

-Added Classic cobweb from 0.26 SURVIVAL TEST with crafing recipe.

-Added legacy water, crafting recipe coming soon.

-Added the original nether spire made of obsidian, the core structure replaces cobblestone with any iron block.

-Mineral blocks now function as beacon bases.

-Flowers now can be used to breed bees and are able to be pollinated

-Tweaked how grass spreading works, now being lighter and grass decays while a block is on top or it's dark without it being able to see the sky.

-Saplings no longer grow in tight spots.

-Legacy logs now can be made charcoal.

-Legacy and classic planks now work more similarly to vanilla planks.

1.1.6 changelog:

-Added Fluff block from infdev 20100611 with crafting recipe.

-Lighting crying obsidian on fire under the sky now sets the respawn point.

-Added legacy Jungle, Acacia and Dark Oak logs with crafting recipes, as a result the planks now require said blocks

-Legacy water now has crafting recipe.

1.1.8 Changelog:

-Added lost mineral blocks (from 1.14 18w53a) they have a secret crafting recipe and are sold by expert cleric villagers. currently available are: Gold, Diamond, Emerald and obsidian.

-Added legacy emerald block.

-Added pocket grass, leaves and sapling from pocket edition alpha 0.5.0

-Added trees from pocket edition alpha 0.5.0

-The obsidian nether spire now drops the correct items (new one coming soon).

-Added paintings of earth, air, water and fire from the files of legacy pocket edition versions.

1.1.9 changelog:

-Added quivers: they act as arrow storage, both for x4 and x9 arrows

-tweaked the nether reactor core once again.

-Classic and legacy essences now have crafting recipe, how come i didn't notice before?

-Added secret legacy pufferfish. 

1.2.0 changelog:

-Added dirt slab from 0.26 SURVIVAL TEST.

-Added chair and table from the files of indev 20100206, models inspired from the mod Infdev Ultimate.

-Legacy soul sand now slows down even more when there's ice under it.

-Classic cobweb can now be waterlogged.

-New biome: Legacy land with Legacy grass and trees.

-The nether reactor now gives the correct items.

1.2.1 changelog:

-Added legacy grass and fern.

-Added shrub and green shrub.

-Made most plants pottable.

-More bugfixes

1.2.2 changelog:

-Added 3 new types of legacy trees mostly from the beta days.

-Added pressure plates of all wood types, gold and iron with crafting recipe.

-Tweaked how trees generate, now check the for size before growing.

-Tweaked some blocks interaction with pistons.

1.2.3 changelog:

-Added gears from indev 20100128, cannot be placed on the ground or on the ceiling

-Added legacy minecart from infdev 20100618, cosmetic item only

-particle fixes

1.2.4 changelog:

-Added classic sand from c0.0.14a.

-Added legacy sand from c0.0.15a.

-Added legacy glass pane from beta 1.8.

-Legacy glass now has more recipes.

-Added secret gold block from the files of c0.30 (obtainable through fortune mining legacy gold ore).

-Changed the size of gears making them connect better.

-Added pack.png as a painting.

-Dirt slab now has a recipe.

1.2.5 changelog:

-Added blocks from Minecraft 4K with crafting recipe.
-Xor block acts like redstone block.
-Changed how gears work, now they cannot be placed on air or on top of eachother.
-Some tag adjustements.
-Gears can now be placed on the ground and on the ceiling.

1.2.6 changelog:

-Added Legacy paeonia and paeonia from 13w36a. Pottable.

-Added legacy coral from the files of infdev 20100629

-Added "colormatic" debug block from 15w31a, recipe coming soon.

-Added lost lapis lazuli block from 1.14 texture update pack.

-Removed Herobrine

1.2.7 changelog:

-Added tinted glass from 13w41a in both block and pane format. Blocks some light.

-Added wax block from 19w34a.

-Added generic dead coral from 18w09a.

-Colormatic now has a crafting recipe

-Added root vines from 21w16a.

1.2.8 changelog:

-Added more recipes for classic and legacy essences.

-Added recipes for the saddle and horse armor from 13w16a

-All leaves now decay properly

-Added buttons for all plank types, completing the variants

-Added recipe for bundles.

-Added crystalized honey from 19w34a, made from 2 honeycombs, now required for wax block.

1.3.0 changelog:

-Added recipe for 4K stone, pocket leaves and pocket sapling.

-Added legacy spruce and birch leaves, saplings and trees with crafting recipe.

-Changed behaviour, spawning conditions, stats and pattern of all mobs.

-Changed how tools interact with blocks, now blocks like grass are able to be destroyed by hand and faster with a shovel.

1.3.1 changelog:

1.19 port

-Added potted versions for the legacy birch and spruce saplings.

-Removed useless, unused, and partly implemented features.

-Mobs currently unavailable due to technical problems.

-Minor fixes overall

1.3.2 changelog:

-Added missing mobs and their functionality bringing up to pair with the 1.18 version

-Added italian localization for 1.19

1.3.3 changelog:

Added json config file for disabling brick pyramids in .minecraft/config/

1.3.7 changelog:

 1.20.1 Port

-Fixed legacy gold ore genration

-Fixed plants and saplings generating all over the place

-Assorted name fixes

-Minor fixes overall

-Added the "machinegun" Bow

-New secret structure added

1.3.8 changelog:

-Hoeing grass now yealds seeds from beta 1.5 and below.

-Full italian localisation added.

-Even more tweaks

1.4.0 changelog:

-Added calm4.ogg music disc

-LegacyLand biome now correctly spawn normal legacy and big trees

-Changed how the brick pyramid generates, now no longer removes blocks above it, making it bury in the ground more nicely

-Even more fixes to structures and blocks


There is on the official mod page on curseforge (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/legacy-revived) a 1.16 version, it is very outdated unfortunately and i have no plans on updating that version, sorry /_ \