Published by SOOSMART on Thu, 07/21/2022 - 04:36
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This mod is for you! who are tired of even hardcore mode.

EXTRA-Hardmod is a mod made for masters who want to play more difficult games.

- added 6 new mobs

- buffed 11 vanilla mobs

- and new harder features!


New Features

- Breaking blocks with your bare hands will hurt you.

- Now you have only 5 hearts! (♥♥♥♥♥)

- Sprinting gives you hunger 10 effect

- Eating raw meat gives you poisoning effect

- Riding boat make you get scurvy

- drowning is more deadly

- Poison can kill you

- Cooking meat in furnace burns the meat (you have to use smoker or campfire)

- Smelting Raw metal in furnace just makes it scorched (you have to smelt it twice or use blast furnace)


Vanilla-Upgrade Mobs

Super zombie - Spawn naturally or when a zombie gets hit by strength potion. It can shoot projectiles and break your shield.

                           Much faster and stronger than other zombies

Flowering creeper - Spawn naturally. It's faster than normal creepers and explodes immediately. poisonous cloud remains after it explodes.

                                  Instantly ignites when gets hit. so you can prevent it by shooting arrows or snowballs

Zombeleton - Spawn naturally or when a zombie gets hit by a skeleton's arrow. It can shoot arrows rapidly but has poor aim.

Ghost spider - Spawn naturally. It is invisible when it's health is full. If it's health is low, it loses its invisibility and start regen it's health



Original Mobs

Dark crawler - Spawn when a player gets hit in a very dark place. It burns to die when there's light.


Cave joker - Spawn naturally in caves. This friend received a lemon from life. So instead of making lemonade,

                      he decides to develop some combustible lemons, and he succeeded. So he will throw it at you!


Buffed Vanilla Mobs

Wither - Shoot fireballs, withers living blocks into soul sand, explodes when dies, summon skeletons 

Blaze - Shoot stronger fireballs

Creeper - Explodes twice faster

Enderman - Give you blindness and slowness when it's angry

Evoker - Use its totem when it dies (25% chance)

Pillager - Use stronger crossbows and has more health

Piglin -  Always spawns with full golden armor

Piglin Brute - Always spawns with full netherite armor

Spider - Place cobweb when it attacks

Phantom - Drags you into the sky when it attacks

Zombie - Faster, give you zombification effect for 5 seconds

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It looks like a good mod :)
I'm gonna test it for a hard challenge when I can !

I have a question, how do you modify the vanilla mobs ?

I used vanilla commands for modifying vanilla mobs' attributes(health, speed, explosion range, etc) and used global triggers (such as shoot projectile, ride entity, and give effect). there's a global trigger that check the entity is targeting something