Published by Kaguyo on Thu, 07/21/2022 - 12:51
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Hey you !

That's the mod Spectralium. (Forge 1.18.2 - 40.1.0)



I'm gonna tell this a little bit fast. I was in my bed and I cannot sleep that night (I don't know why). I was thinking about Minecraft and the MCreator's mods from other players. So I get the idea: I want to create a mod.

In my bedroom I didn't have light so I thinked at the name of my mod. I thinked about Obscurium or Nightium but it was too classic. And I get a better idea (for me), I thinked about shadows and ghost. Shadow + Ghost = Something spectral... hum hum hum...

I like materials in "ium", it make the name of my mod: Spectralium !

I sayed, at +/- 1AM "I want to create one of the best mods varied ! I want to create designed ores, beautifull mobs, animated textures and amazing dimensions !".

It was a good night...



Actually, I'm working on more biome in every dimension. I want to add a minimum of 10 biomes. Ah yes, the dimensions are: Overworld, Nether, End and Continum (come in the future with 5 biome !!).

All of this is comming for the 2.0, but it's very long. My ores are too easy to get (Spectralium is normal but have an higher rarity of the diamond ore) but i'm gonna patch this in 1 day or 2... or today !

But globally I like my mod, procedures, skills, design. I'm happy to see my creation. But yes, I hope you will think that of me when you test it.

Let's see you all at the 2.0 !!




This mod is very complete and no only armors and tools. There is a new biomethe miner dimensionnew ores, new blocks and machines, new mobs and an upgradable pickaxe...


This mod contain 350+ elements. Very varied, strong ennemies, new boss (only creative spawn), end updated, and more !

You can find special mobs in biomes or in dimensions, there are very much ores to add more random to your game and the boss (Darkbrine) is actually only spawnable in creative mode with an egg.

All of this is in the Spectral Mod creative case. You can find everything about the mod but you can get more help in the Discord.

There are items (ex: Akarnite) that don't have uses a this time. It come in 2.0 ;)




Join me on Discord if you don't want to miss the actuality of if you want to get helped ! https://discord.gg/XyaBxs8edT

The Discord is FR (🇨🇵) and EN (🇺🇸) ;)


Hope you will like my mod !

(Don't miss to download and set an upvote OvO)


Bye and good game !


Spectralium 1.2:

- Added Enderless ore and Akarnite ore (spawn end)

- Added Aku mob (spawn end and urukwanda forest)

- Added new Boss (Darkbrine)

- Added Solar Ore (spawn nether)

- Set a better texture for the Spectralium Sword

- Maked more style for Universal Pickaxe overlay and for the skill points

- Added skills (/skills)

- Added 2 Upgrades for the Universal Pickaxe

- Added Universal Forge

- Operational Discord (https://discord.gg/XyaBxs8edT)

- Updated mob spawns


Modification files
Spectral Mod V1.0.jar - V1.1 - Added the Discord but same modUploaded on: 07/21/2022 - 13:32   File size: 1.05 MB
Spectral Mod V1.2.jar - V1.2 - Added elements of the modUploaded on: 07/26/2022 - 21:31   File size: 1.23 MB


- Added Discord server to help downloaders



- Patched all bugs of the Universal Pickaxe

- Removed the money and the shop

- Removed old boss (Ar-Kronos)

- Jobs project abandonned

- Updated mob spawns

- More style for selected items (see in description)

- Working on a structure spawn for Darkbrine

- Working for 2.0 (spoils can comes on the Discord)

- What added is before, in the description

If you have any questions, ask me ! But you can come in the Discord server if you want to get more informations ;)