Published by charz185 on Thu, 08/04/2022 - 13:22
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This mod includes:

-red pikmin: immune to lava and fire

-blue pikmin: immune to drowning and can swim

-yellow pikmin: has a faster throw speed

-flower seeds: grows flowers on player and big flower sprouts into big flowers

-nectar: used to upgrade pikmin to flower pikmin

-seedlings/growing backpack: grows seedlings by turning the players movement into pure energy for the seedlings to consume.

-seedlings: grows into pikmin

-glove: picks up owned pikmin on right click, and when that picking item is off-handed and left clicked it throws the pikmin. the thrown pikmin will damage the mob that it was thrown at.

-detector: used to find seedlings

-whistle: right click to call owned pikmin to you

-badge books: shows badges (seedlings plucked)

-big flower: used to produce nectar

-expeditions: use pikmin to find items



 discord: https://discord.gg/JDUnc5v8hW

Modification files
pikmine_bloom_release_patch.jar - release patchUploaded on: 08/04/2022 - 13:25   File size: 582.87 KB


-expeditions: press O (not zero) key to acces gui, and insert pikmin tpo get rewards like raw iron and seedlings.

-mass tame: press B to tame all un-tamed pikmin in 8 block radius, very handy if the expeditions feature doesnt claim back your pikmin.



- harvesting blue flower pikmin's petals wouldn't despan the flower pikmin

- couldn't throw  yellow and blue pikmin

- when picking up yellow pikmin, it wouldn't give player the correct item

- big flower buds/sprouts spawn less