Sweet Treats (and the dark secrets of them..)

Published by Andygun11 on Fri, 08/05/2022 - 04:08
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This mods adds sweets such as Chocolate, Lollipops, and.. TNT? to Minecraft!
But these delicious treats aren't what they seem...


Sweetness Effect: Updates all blocks around you while the effect is active.

Chocolate Bar: Really bad food, but causes Sweetness effect.

Amethyst Treat: Really good food, and causes Sweetness effect.

Tntreat: Explodes when eaten, and spawns an ignited TNT on top of you.

Chunk of Chocolate: 'Okay' food, but gives Nausea, and Sweetness.

Rainbow Lollipop: Good food, and gives: Speed 3, Haste 3, Weakness 5, and Sweetness.

Sugar Cube: Block used for recipes of sweets.

Sweets Creator: Used to create (most of) the sweets in the mod.


Chocolate Bar: Top Slot: "Chunk Of Chocolate", Bottom Slot: "Empty Wrapper (un-torn)"

Tntreat: Top Slot: "TNT", Bottom Slot: "Empty Wrapper (un-torn)"

Amethyst Treat: Top Slot: "Amethyst Shard", Bottom Slot: "Empty Wrapper (un-torn)"

Rainbow Lollipop: Top Slot: "Lollipop Top", Bottom Slot: "Stick"

Lollipop Top (craft in Crafting Table, not Sweets Creator): Red Dye, Yellow Dye, Lime Dye, and Magenta Dye surrounding a Sugar Cube

Sweets Creator (craft in Crafting Table, not Sweets Creator): Iron Nuggets at bottom right, and left. Iron Ingots in the middle-left, middle-right, and middle-center, with a empty wrapper in the top-left.

Cocoa Butter: Smelt/Cook cocoa beans.

Sugar Cube: 4 sugar in a square-like shape.


If you would like to see some of the things mentioned here in video form, sadly you're gonna have to wait a little longer.

Modification files
sweet_treats--0.8.0.jar - [CURRENT VERSION]Uploaded on: 08/05/2022 - 04:08   File size: 80.63 KB

0.1.0: Created Chocolate.

0.2.0: Created more chocolate stuff.

0.3.0: Added more treats like Tntreat.

0.4.0: Added Sweets Creator.

0.4.1: Added some Sweets creator recipes.

0.5.0: Added Lollipop.

0.6.0: Added sugar cube, and cocoa butter.

0.7.0: Changed a lot of internal stuff.

0.8.0 [CURRENT]: Changed more internal stuff.