Self-Building Outposts

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I'm rewriting this mod, for reasons outlined in the linked forum thread. I figured I'd give anyone interested in doing so the chance to tell me their thoughts.


Abandoned settlements await you. Reclaim them, and be rewarded...

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Scattered throughout the dry savannahs and grassy plains, pillars of unbreaking stone rise into the sky. These places mark settlements waiting to be built, if only someone were to supply them with the needed resources...

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Each Outpost requires 162 Logs to construct, crafted into Wood Parcels of 81 Logs apiece.

When the Outpost Center, a wooden tower around the bedrock pillar, has been built, three Build Pads will appear around it, each able to construct one Resource Building apiece. Four structures are available for construction: a Farm, a Tree Grove, a Quarry, and a Mine, each producing a limited quantity of resources each day. All four structures require 81 Logs, crafted into 1 Wood Parcel, to construct, as well as three Emeralds and one of the appropriate tool, crafted from stone. The Outpost Center will, over time, create Emeralds for you, at a rate of 1 per day.

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More extensive documentation can be found here:

Prometheus1998_ recorded a video explaining how the mod works. Here's a link:

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Modification files
outpostmod 0_31_0.jar - Outpost Mod v0.31.0 for Minecraft 1.12.2576.75 KB


  • Additions:
    • Tier 2 versions of all 5 buildings previously buildable; each Tier 2 building produces 2x more resources than its Tier 1 version.
    • Tier 1 Forge and Bakery buildings.
      •      Forge makes Iron tools, weapons, and armor with far fewer ingots than crafting can.
      •      Bakery turns 1 Hay Bale into 9 Bread every night
  • Changes:
    • Mine now produces a block that, when broken, gives a semi-random ore
    • All buildings will tell you if you lack the resources needed to build or upgrade them, in the order you will need to provide them.


  • Additions:
    • Mine and Quarry
      •      Mine produces one semi-random Ore every night
      •      Quarry produces 1 Stone Crate every night
    • Can now craft Log Crates with all vanilla types of wood
  • Changes:
    • Outpost building no longer spawns all Build Pads in a half-plus shape; Pads are scattered organically around the central tower
    • Bundles renamed Crates
    • Outpost Tower now made entirely of wood, matching the appearance of the other buildings.
    • Outpost Tower spawns a custom block that, when broken, drops one emerald, rather than spawning an actual block of Emerald Ore.


  • Additions:
    • Bundles; 4 types: Cobblestone, Logs, Clay, and Sandstone. Crafted by placing 9 of the appropriate block in the crafting table.
    • Parcels; 4 types: Cobblestone, Logs, Clay, and Sandstone. Crafted by placing 9 Bundles of the appropriate type in the crafting table.
    • Bedrock Spire; spawns periodically throughout Plains and Savannah biomes. Feed it 2 Log Parcels, and it will automatically build an Outpost Tower around itself.
    • Outpost Tower; spawns Emerald Ore once per day, at sunrise. When built, will spawn 3 Build Pads, which can be fed resources to create other buildings.
    • Buildings
      • Farm; at sunset, spawns a Hay Bale.
      • Grove: at sunset, spawns a Log Bundle.

Hello I would like to say that your mod is great but i have found a bug that is not major but always worth fixing it is where the farm part of the outpost lacks the growing crops.

Question for anyone who's interested in responding:
Are the outpost spawn structures too rare? I'm contemplating making them spawn more frequently, and would appreciate additional opinions.

Maybe you could have a second mod (put it in one of the other download slots on this page) with the spawn rate for the out
posts increased that way people can download which ever one they want keeping both groups happy.