Published by NewBoi1003 on Sat, 08/13/2022 - 20:58
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This mod adds something to Minecraft that has been missing for quite a while- CHEESE! I mean, come on, Mojang, this is way more important than frogs!

Features: Smelt milk in a furnace or smoker to obtain Cheese Curds, then combine these with a variety of ingredients to create up to 2 4 7(!) different varieties of cheese. Dig deep underground (but not that deep) to uncover the valuable Cheese Ore. Take the Raw Cheese that it drops back to your furnace to harden it into Cheese Ingots, and utilize these to create 2 brand new tools, the Cheese Sword and Pickaxe. Have lots of extra cheese, time, and friends? Why not try your hand at the Cheese TCG, a unique deckbuilding game featuring everybody's favorite dairy product. 

The Milkweed plant now grows in plains biomes (and yes, you can smelt it into curds!), meaning you can have cheese before you even have a bucket!

Didn't get all that? Don't worry! As of update 1.7, there is a brand new advancement system to guide you through the wonderful world of Cheese!

The Cheese+ mod also contains a few fun bonus items (hence the plus), most notably 2 new plants- Garlic and Peppers! These can be found in swamps and deserts, respectively. 

Modification files
Cheese+ - the file itself (old)Uploaded on: 08/13/2022 - 21:02   File size: 148.1 KB
Cheese+ - the new and improved fileUploaded on: 08/23/2022 - 00:27   File size: 250.43 KB
Cheese+ - an even newer fileUploaded on: 09/18/2022 - 03:20   File size: 280.3 KB

1.0- Basic cheeses (Cheese curds, Cheddar, Swiss)

1.1- Cheese ore and Tools

1.2- Blue cheese, garlic, and crackers

1.3- The Gouda Update (New cheese, new weapon, new breads)

1.4- The Cheese TCG!

1.5- Pepperjack, Wensleydale, & Ricotta (+New plant)

1.6- Crisped Curds and Milkweed

1.7- Advancements

1.7.1- Small additions and QOL changes

Coming Soon: Actual Photos for the description