Ore And More (OAM)

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Ore and more is a Forge mod that adds many Ores (like the Demonite , Rose Quartz , Fire Amber...), Armors, Weapons, Mobs, Food, a flower and other things to Minecraft. You can propose ideas in the message section. 



For Minecraft 1.18.2 and up:


/!\Recommendation ! :

IF you play with the Epic Fight Mod do not forget to install my datapacks to make the secret sword and The End Sword compatible with the mod !!!

link :



Vanilla changes :

OAM brings a few things about Minecraft vanilla :


-You can now craft some stuff with copper and a shears.

-You can craft stuff with emerald too, the full set of armor give you Luck and Haste.

-In the plains and the taigas you can find a plant who's call the Dryad, when a player right click on it he will has speed III for 3 seconds. 


-You can craft stone armor too who is very bad.

-Elder Guardian now drops his eye. 



Food : The mod add some new foods to the game : fried egg, nether soup, cooked carrot and cooked rotten flesh ! 


 New ores :

Rose Quartz ; 

you can find it in the desert between layers 30-10, the layer 20 is the best to find it. You can craft armor and tools... 


Ruby :

Its an equivalent of the diamond BUT if you right click with a tool or a weapon you will have regeneration for 5 seconds with a cooldown of 1 minute. It spawns like the diamond.(v3.2 : full armor set give you absorbtion for 30s, cooldown of 1 minute and re-give you the effect.)


Fire Amber :

It spawn everywhere in the nether in crimson and warped forest. The tools and weapons inflict fire. The pickaxe has the same harvest level of the netherite so you can mine demonite with it. The rest has the same harvest level of iron. The armor give you fire resistance V.


Demonite :  

A beautiful and greatful ore. The best ore so far. I love him im a genius. So it's very rare like extremely rare. You can find it everywhere between layers -60 and -56, the layer -58 is the best. To craft one ingot you have to find 4 fragments and 1 giga shard (v3.5 = Cut Amethyst )  (craft with 5 amethysts shards). The armor gives you regen, fire resistance, resistance... With the helmet and an iron hammer you can craft the demonite crown (who give you jump boost : version below v3.5). The tools don't have durability. Very cool and very strong.




Hammers :

new weapons, very strong but very slow and pretty expensive. +1.5 damage compare to a sword.                        



Commands : /nether ; /end ; /overworld .


End gear: when you kill the three bosses you can craft  a special weapon (nether star, dragon egg, elder guardian eye), very strong too. 


All the Armours :


Other :



Butcher Knife and Flint Knife



Demonite crown (v3.5 = aesthetic , below this version = jump boost II )




Nether Strider Boots : allow you to walk on lava ! (drops from Strider 0.05%)


Bat Staff : allow you to fly like in Creative !


Few things come later ! Have a good game !




Of course you can use it in your modpack !


Modification files
Ore And More for 1.18.2 (v3.5).jar - see : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/oam-by-choupiclou2007Uploaded on: 09/07/2022 - 15:57   File size: 1.38 MB
Ore And More for 1.18.2 (v3.9).jarUploaded on: 10/01/2022 - 20:20   File size: 1.42 MB