Just Another Crafting Mod

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This mod is very, very simple to use.. If you have NEI installed than you can easly find the recipes..
The mod adds some recipes for items/blocks that you can't really get in-game.
Such as: Sponge, Chainmail(Chain armor) or horse armor.

This mod just adds some recipes for these items/blocks.
And that's also why the mod is called "Just Another Crafting Mod"

Also most of the textures are original, some textures are just the textures from Minecraft itselfs.
Others can be from example's that I've used to create them.

And as the mod logo let's you see one of the possible recipes that is the Chain Helmet(Chainmail Helmet).

Modification files
jacmjust_another_crafting_mod_-_1.7.10_-_v1.0.01.jar - (NEW) I've allready found a sort of bug, and that was the images/logo of the mod (NEW)Uploaded on: 04/03/2017 - 11:20   File size: 210.9 KB
jacmjust_another_crafting_mod_-_1.7.10_-_v1.0.0.jar - (OLD) This is the first version of the mod! (OLD)Uploaded on: 04/03/2017 - 11:20   File size: 37.62 KB

First Before I Download This. Can You Add Like A Recipe For Saddle,Horse Armour, And Fire. Yeah Fire Normal Fire. JK Dont Make A Fire Recipe. Make These 2 And Ill Download This.
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