Shadow Movement 2

Published by Erdmen on Tue, 09/20/2022 - 16:25
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  • 2 World Structure with shadow fruit
  • Cool shadow realm dimension 
  • Rich loot floating islands
  • Shadow spider, Shadow frog, Shadow dolphin, Shadow thing in shadow realm




   You need shadow material for shadow gate block for make shadow portal

   or you find gate block on structures

   When eaten fruit %20 chance spawn Item required to open portal

   Shadow fruit give shadow movement power

   If you have shadow core, magical ore, shadow ingot, magical ingot, and you eat shadow fruit, all give super movement power

   W button activate shadow and super movement power 

   Shadow movement max active duration 3 second

   Super movement max active duration 4,5 second

   Look gifs for movement powers

   Look images for dimension and structures





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