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Published by q_MrDan_p on Mon, 10/03/2022 - 19:11
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Academic Free License v3.0
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Adds 11 spikes with different damage, a lot of mines, Dynamite, a sapper probe, and arsonists, as well as 3 structures.

Spikes differ in damage and preservation or not of things.

The mine is both open and in blocks, I don't know how you will use them, maybe they will be useful on the server.

There are 5 types of dynamite, all differ in the power of the explosion and the price of crafting.

3 types of arsonists, Differ in crafting price and arson radius.

I am Russian so my English is bad.
I apologize in advance for the mistakes.

This is my first mod, please do not judge strictly))
I will listen to advice and ideas, I take criticism calmly))

Modification files
q_MrDan_p Traps 1.16.5 1.0.0.jar - The mod itself is on 1.16.5Uploaded on: 10/03/2022 - 19:13   File size: 617.6 KB