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Archaia is a mod created with the intent of adding a bit of everything. It's still in its early stages of development, so there may be a few bugs or kinks every now and then, but it offers a vastly different experience from vanilla Minecraft. You will have to craft new weapons and materials, fight challenging boss fights, and explore 2 new dimensions to uncover everything this mod has to offer.


1) Once you can access the second dimension and killed the boss of that dimension, you will have reached the end of the mod so far

There are two new dimensions, The Abyss, and The Void. The Abyss is entered via a portal made from charred remains, and The Void is entered by falling off the end island

2) Don't look for an altar of some sort when summoning bosses

All of the new bosses are summoned using special items once certain conditions are met, so don't go looking for a temple of some sort. NOTE: The sole exception to this principle is The Cloud Guardian, whose summon item you must find atop a special cloud

3) Fight every boss multiple times

Every boss has unique loot that cannot be acquired in any other way. Fight every boss until you are certain you have gotten every drop possible.

Modification files
Archaia-1.19.2-0.0.5.jar - No support mods requiredUploaded on: 12/30/2022 - 02:53   File size: 6.5 MB


-Added the music disc for the lumalight caverns

-New or extra recipes for some materials

-Added a two new bosses, and a multitude of new weapons

-Added stardust for misc. use

-Fixed accessory effect textures while in inventory

-Removed musket balls, which were useless

-Added a new painting

-Added chat messages after certain achievements to hint at the next step of the game

-Improved wandering trader to sell both vanilla and modded items