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Archaia is a mod created with the intent of telling a story and changing the way Minecraft works for those that are more interested in combat and world progression. It's still in its early stages of development, so there may be a few bugs or kinks every now and then, but it offers a vastly different experience from vanilla Minecraft. You will have to craft new weapons and materials, fight challenging boss fights, and explore 3 new dimensions to uncover everything this mod has to offer. Though it is intended to be experienced in singleplayer, multiplayer features do exist. If you do encounter a bug or otherwise broken feature, PLEASE do not hesitate to comment and tell me.



Plainsong is fallen, the Perennial Mind is gone, the gods are missing, and the universe is out of balance. Delve into a world long destroyed by the actions of those who came before you, discover crucial pieces of history and choose your own destiny, and ultimately decide the fate of the everything as you explore the world of Aamlooma, the last planet.

Archaia is intended to focus mainly on combat, lore, exploration, and occasional grinding. The mining aspect of the game is simplified greatly, and players almost never have to go mining if they don't want to. In Archaia, you will be challenged to survive in extremely hostile biomes as you scramble to gather resources and crafting materials which you will then use to take on boss fights. Progress at your own pace, check your achievements (or advancements depending on what you call them) to know where to go next, craft melee, mage, or techno weapons, and use the target dummies to test them.


I HIGHLY recommend you play through this mod with Just Enough Items, and a mod that provides damage indicators. These mods are not required, but will save you hours of frustration when navigating long crafting chains. If you get stuck at any point in time and don't know exactly what to do, I suggest you fight the bosses in this order:

Cloud Guardian - Aerosphere
Amalgamate - Abyssal Offering
Mushroom King - Mushroom Crown
Royal Massacre - Abyssal Bone Relic
Titanium Golem - Statibot Signal Emitter
Mortis Prime - Advanced Remote
Starkrakyn - Starbit
Fallen Warden - Cosmic Energy Emitter
Cosmokrakyn - Cosmic Altar
Xarta - Fragmented Gilded Rune
Doken - Draconic Sigil
Ithar - Itharian Server Interface

If you are instead perfectly capable of navigating the aspects of Archaia and are looking for a more demanding experience, you should start your world in Hard difficulty and navigate to the "Difficulties" tab of the Utilities Menu, which can be accessed by pressing "g" on your keyboard. You may select any of the difficulties, so long as you are in hard difficulty. NOTE: Only "Legend Mode" actually affects gameplay, as "Champion Mode" and "Heir of Lasaurix" are not yet implemented and will instead do the same thing as Legend Mode. Custom difficulties only make boss fights harder and give better loot. The only other difference is the Death Gauge, which is an additional way to heal.

 Required Mods 

You must have AttributeFixGeckolib, and Better Hurt Timer installed in your mods folder or you will be unable to play Archaia as it is intended. Make sure these mods are 1.19.2 as well.

Modification files
Archaia-1.19.2 v0.0.8_0.jar - Make sure you have all support mods installedUploaded on: 01/26/2024 - 21:54   File size: 19.64 MB


-Added more weapons

-Added mana

-Remodeled Starkrakyn and Cosmokrakyn for performance reasons

-Changed attack patterns for almost every mob added so far

-AttributeFix, Geckolib, and Better Hurt Timer are now required

-Redid worldgen for almost all biomes and changed sky textures in several dimensions

-Revised every debuff to have custom death messages and more balanced damage

-New overlays when in certain conditions such as low health or permafrost

-Prowlers no longer despawn automatically, but only spawn during snowstorms

-Added more accessories

-Added more structures

-Added new mobs and creatures

-The Wither now has drops besides the Nether Star

-Added two more bosses

-Added music to the Dragonwood Forest and Soulstone Barrens

-Added more uses for titanium scrap and black goop

-Retextured a few blocks

-Changed health upgrades from accessories to permanent consumables

-Falling off of The Void will no longer bring you to the overworld

-Added an additional Utilities Menu that can be accessed by pressing “g”

-Lore can now be collected and read after defeating bosses or accomplishing certain tasks

-Update Permafrost

-When in cold enough biomes, you will gain Permafrost during snowstorms

-The “Warmth” effect will prevent you from getting Permafrost this way

-Be careful that you don’t fall into cold enough water or you will lose Warmth

-Warmth can be gained by: 
Wearing a leather tunic
Equipping the right accessories

-Note that Warmth can be good in cold biomes, but is harmful in the Nether

-Legend Mode Update

-Added “Legend Mode” as a custom difficulty that can be toggled when in hard difficulty

-While in Legend Mode, boss fights become more challenging, but have new and better drops

-Legend Mode can be through the Utilities Menu

Death Gauge

-While in Legend Mode, you will gain a “Death Gauge” on the top left of the screen

-Once you have collected enough death, press “R” on your keyboard to gain strength and regeneration based on how much death you have built up

-Death can be permanently leveled up by using certain consumables such as the Death Fruit

This is actually amazing! Quick question though, how on earth did you make custom models for armor ive been trying for hours

You technically only need blockbench, but it's easier to use geckolib. Open blockbench, install geckolib, and then make a geckolib animated model. Switch the format over to animated armor, and then make separate groups for the torso, arms, legs, and head. You can make groups within these main groups, but be careful you don't make an extra group or it might not work. After that, make sure your groups have the same pivot points as the blocks that make up a player model (you can check by making a minecraft skin with blockbench, and then looking at the pivot points). Design, texture, and add animations if you want and export (make sure you export the model as a geckolib animated model). Make sure you have geckolib installed for mcreator as well before importing, and then make an animated armor, filling in the group names for the torso, arms, legs, and head before finishing up with stats and procedures. Hit save, and if you've done everything correctly, your armor should now appear in game.

Shoot forgot a few things.
Watch out for spaces and uppercase letters in your model, animation, and texture file names because they might not work if there are any, and remember to make a two groups for the left and right legs, AND two groups for the left and right boots. If it still doesn't work, let me know and I'll send a more in-depth explanation with pics.