Published by dandisc1 on Tue, 12/27/2022 - 13:03
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In development, to much things to go

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This mod is about universes of fiction (cinema, games, etc), like Toy Story, God Of War, Star Wars, etc.

For now, this mod contains:

-Toy Story Dimension

-5 new bosses

-More than 7 mini bosses

-Monster Inc

-Regular Show

-Finding Nemo (WIP)

-Super Mario 

-So many Dungeons

-Slime rancher biome 

-More than 20 mobs

-Star Wars


-And so much more in work in progress.


My project is to make universes of fiction where you can deep in there and stay hours without getting bored.

I have in mind to make more universes, but for now be patient and wait, I don’t have much time but I want to have this finished this year.

Please download and upvote!!

If you have some ideas please comment it and I'll do it.

Future updates

  • A guide book (in process)
  • More universes

        -Star Wars

        -The Amazing World of Gumball

        -Harry Potter



        -Mickey Mouse

        -Chicken Little

        -Kirby  (in progress)

        -Finding Nemo (in progress)

       -Dragon Ball

       -Sponge Bob

       -Cars (In progress)

       -Ratatouille (in progress)

       -A nightmare before Christmas           

       -Miraculous LadyBug

  • Upgrade the things that are not perfect




 - Super Mario

To start in this universe you'll need to find in the plains the castles of the Koopalings.When you enter to one of this you'll need to complete a challenge.After that, you can find the miniboss who you need to fight.Some have extra rewards, but everyone gives you a key:




The Rainbow Key is the one you need to defeat Bowser.To obtain this key put all the Koopaling's Keys in the crafting table.To fight with bowser find a castle with lock and right-click with the Rainbow Key to open.


-Monster Inc

This dungeon is in the snowy biomes.Here you'll find Mike Wazowzky and most important the Scream Canister:

With this you can invoke Waternoose, but you will need Child's Screams .You can obtain them killing Boo in the plains.With 4 screams, put them into the canister to invoke and kill Waternoose.



-Toy Story

You want to see your favorites toys? Well then craft the Toy Box this way(it can be any wood):

Then place it and right click, you'll enter the Toy Box.Here you find one boss, Buzz Lightyear, that would give you his wings and a document to invoke Zurg.

There is a secret in the toy box, try to find it...


-Regular Show

You need to craft the ship (it would be useful for other universes in the future). In the ship right-click and go to the Regular Show House.When you enter you are teleported here, where you can find Anti-Pops, the boss of this universe.When you kill him it would give you the Chicken Mecha Armor.




In the badlands you will find this wagon.In you'll find chest with the parts of Rayo Mcqueen, Mate and Tod Torque:









Modification files
assemblemod1.1_0.jar - Has more things like Toy StoryUploaded on: 02/14/2023 - 15:30   File size: 4.88 MB
AssembleMod1.2.jarUploaded on: 02/20/2023 - 20:42   File size: 5.62 MB
AssembleMod1.2Hotfix_0.jarUploaded on: 02/25/2023 - 19:02   File size: 7.89 MB
AssembleMod1.3.jarUploaded on: 03/05/2023 - 17:24   File size: 8.63 MB
  • 1.1

    Added Super Mario Universe

    Added Toy Story Universe

    Added little things to introduce new universes

  • 1.2

    Added Regular Show

    Added the Ship

  • 1.2 Hotfix

    Bugs fixed

If anyone download this mod please tell me what are your opinions on this mod, I would very grateful!