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Welcome to Music Attack, a futureistic cyber/music weapons addon. This adds three new types of ores, one from each dimension, each with there own takes on specific weapons. In future updates I hope to add more ores, weapon types, mobs, and combinations of materials. Now, lets dive in!


Material 1: Cybermantium

The Overworld's Hot pink and navy blue ore, this comes with a rapier as it's version of the sword, and a flail as its version of the mace and chain. It also has a block and ingot form, and can be found anywhere in the deepslate layer.

Material 2: Octutate

This light blue ore can be found in soul sand valleys and has a block and ingot form, as well as a special spike. Its sword is an Sawblade and its flail is a Cat O' Nine Tails.

Material 3: Sonitite

The End's neon green ore is the thrid and final (for now,) ore. It comes with a block and ingot form, and its sword is and Axeblade and its flail is a Morningstar.

Mob 1:

The first of hopefully many, the sonic creeper is a cybermantium version of the creeper. 




New Material -- Plasma

Plasma can be made by putting diamonds and amethyst together... I won't say how, though. It can be made into a new weapon with a bit of Cybermantium, which can break blocks with ease and enemies even easier.


New Weapons: CD Chakrams

CD Chakrams are like throwing stars but made of vinyl. Actually, they're made of coal and any of the three original materials. They were in 1.0 but are now craftable.



Upcoming Updates

  • More Dubstep themed items 
  • More Mobs such as the DJ Zombie
  • More materials and new armors
  • Speakers


If you have any ideas or constructive criticism, feel free to tell me!

Modification files
Music Attack 1.0.jar - Version 1.0Uploaded on: 02/01/2023 - 22:24   File size: 119.08 KB
Music Attack V1.1.jar - Version 1.1 -- The Plasma UpdateUploaded on: 02/15/2023 - 21:11   File size: 132.54 KB





Added Plasma

CD Chakrams are now craftable