Website update and new domain

Published by Klemen on Sun, 10/29/2017 - 18:56
Website update and new domain

We have been leaking hints on this website and social media for a while, then a construction page came and finally, here we are. A new website for MCreator including a new domain. In this article, we posted a full changelog of the update and cleared up questions regarding this update.

New domain -

We have been discussing the problem of the domain for MCreator on Pylo for quite a while. The final decision was to move MCreator to the new domain. You can read more about this in official blog post on Pylo website.


There have been many changes on the website, so I decided to first list a quick list of the most important changes, and then break them down and describe the most notable changes:

  • new, modern website design,
  • no more links on downloads,
  • responsive website design,
  • improved user modification pages with tabs and MOTW badges,
  • improved and redesigned download pages,
  • improved modification download count system,
  • improved and integrated the wiki into the main website,
  • improved forum system and integrated design of the main website,
  • improved comment system and added support for threading of comments,
  • improved website load speed and decreased size,
  • improved and redesigned search page,
  • improved system for moderators,
  • added new wiki pages,
  • reduced the number of captchas.

New responsive design

We are introducing a new responsive design that supports all devices. The previous website was static and loaded a separate mobile page for mobile users. This was not only outdated technique but also caused a lot of server load overhead as it had to serve two different pages. The new responsive website is compatible with all devices and also loads much faster. You can now browse the website from the computer, mobile phone, tablet, screen reader and even smart TV! We have also made sure that you can comment and post content on any of the listed devices as the website adapts per device that is using it. There are also some changes on the website based on the OS you use, so the experience is best optimized for each user individually.

Improved modification page

Next improvement is improved modification page. It's now separated into multiple tabs, where each of them lists separate content. This removed the need for spoilers to separate changelogs and other description elements of the page. Users can now link forum topic with their mod page. We have also generalized download counter that now counts downloads per mod page and not per file, which means that you can remove old versions of your modification files without losing downloads. Another improvement are mod of the week badges that are shown on all lists and pages for modifications that are or were selected for mod of the week.

No more quota limits

We have decided to remove user disk quota limit as average user disk usage is was not over the limit, but at the same time, we limited very active modders with this. Now, we don't pose any general limit on upload quota per user as long as they don't abuse this.

New user profiles and userpoints

We have improved user profiles to show all the content posted by users in separate tabs. We have also improved the user panel in forum topics and on modification pages. Now more data is shown here, online indicator system was improved and roles are also listed here now.

System for userpoints was revamped and now it calculates points on the fly, so their count is always up to date and can not get in negative numbers as this could happen on the old website. A new formula for the userpoints calculation is:

userpoints = comments + forum_topics * 3 + modifications * 4 + wiki_pages * 5

In this equation, only the pages of users are included. Please note that this equation is subject to change in the future to include user activity and mods of the week. We will create a wiki page to document userpoints system in the future.

Improved wiki integration

We used to have a MediaWiki system for our wiki and documentation of MCreator. Now we decided to create our own system that will integrate nicely with our website. Now the wiki is part of the main website. Old wiki pages were migrated. Now there is no need for a separate account in order to contribute to the wiki page. We have also added an option for customized notices in order if the wiki page is deprecated or needs an update, there are also related wiki pages, integrated search, and many other improvements.

Forum topics and comments

Another improvement is forum system and comment system. Now comments on articles and modifications are threaded to up to two levels, so sub-threads can form on these pages for easier discussion. Now one can reply inline using new and improved direct reply system.

Forum system was also improved, the overall design was better integrated with the main website. Many interface improvements were introduced in order to improve the user experience. New forum system is now separated in forum categories and containers for better organization. Original poster's topic is always on the top, regardless of the reply page you are at, so you'll never lose a track of the topic. If you decide to reply on a separate page instead of the new inline reply system, the comment you will reply to will be shown to make it easier for you to write a good reply.

Wiki contributors

As we have already mentioned in the section above, a new wiki system was introduced. We migrated most of the pages from the old wiki to this wiki and also improved a lot of them to make them up to date with current MCreator versions. However, there are still many pages that need to be improved. There is also a lot of topics that are not even covered yet, so we are looking for new wiki contributors. If you think you know a lot about MCreator and would be ready to share this with other users, you are welcome to fill our wiki contributor form and become one of the contributors. We will add a new role to your account and it will have a Wiki contributor badge on your profile and author panels.

What's next?

We are already working on new MCreator update for Minecraft 1.12.2 so stay tuned. Also, make sure to leave a comment here to leave your opinion on the new website and to report potential problems you have with this website in case if there are any, so we can fix them and make this website even better for you.

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I have only a little question? Where is the upload button? When I change the downloads of the mod, I choose the file but I can't find it.

I checked with a test account and I was able to upload new files. This is rather strange. Could you upload a picture of your modification form and send it me so I can see how it looks like. How about other modifications, can you upload files there?

Wonderful and amazing update Klemen! I love every feauture and the whole re-design. I am pleased with this as my time for making mods is very limited, but now I can do my job better as a Moderator and remove spam and assist users. Thank you very much for this release and taking time to modernize the website. You already know that the website plays a huge role in MCreators growth and I am happy to be apart of everything. If I could make a living off this I would; haahha. I can not wait to see future updates; especially a type of reward system, or maybe even custom badges for achievements done on the website and in MCreator. Amazing job Pylo and Klemen! Thanks for making my childhood a lot better in many aspects. I have not had any issues or seen any problems with this update.

So yeah, insead of making mods i am just still watching at the progress of mcreator and website and its just getting even better and better every time. so, good work klemen ;)

Is there a problem with GUI resizing, or is this normal now? I know before you could make a GUI screen as large, or as small as you wanted. now it seems like it resizes no matter the WxH settings you use.

I have the less important bug report ever but it's a bug report. Simply, when clicking on the website sidebar "FORUM" it thinks I
meant "COMMUNITY".
Another little website bug report is that comments before
website update aren't user's comments but comments in the user's forums and mods

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