Website update - Issue tracker and more

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Website update - Issue tracker and more

In the past month, there have been several changes on the website, so we decided to create a short article that sums up all the changes. Click read more to learn about the improvements.

Issue tracker

The most important improvement on the website is new support section with the issue tracker. We have removed the old submit a bug report form in the favor of this new system.

The main goal of the public issue tracker is that we don't receive duplicate bug reports so users don't have always to wait for the response but can check the existing reports and suggested fixes. It also improves the tracking of bug statuses and new feature requests. Every user can submit a new issue, but duplicates are not allowed and we have a very strict policy about this. Even two duplicate issues can result in account suspension as we provide a very easy search tool which you can use to find a similar issue. This is to keep the website easy to use because duplicate issues spread solutions and discussion across multiple pages and are also harder to keep track of.

We have removed the Wiki menu link and placed the Support link there instead. On the new support page, you can navigate to different locations on which you can find the support.

On the issue tracker itself, you can find open, closed and hot issues pages. Logged in users also have their own issue board on which they can keep a track of issues they opened.

Explore users page

Another addition to the website is the explore users page. On this page, you can see the list of users sorted by the time they were active the last time. You can also find their profile pictures, user point amount, Minecraft account names and links to their profiles. The main purpose of this page is to make exploration of other users of MCreator easier and also to see which users are currently active on the website. We hope that this page will make the community experience even better.

Mod of the week page

Ours submit for mod of the week page was replaced with the Mod of the week page on which not only one can submit a modification for the mod of the week contest, but can also see a sorted list of all past modifications that were awarded a mod of the week status. This list is "hall of fame" so older mods of the week don't get forgotten.

Other changes

There have been some other changes to the website. We have fixed the pager on the search pages. Until now, only the first page of the search results was displayed. This was a very limiting bug but is now sorted out.

Download page was improved too. Now the correct bitness of MCreator is highlighted based on the computer type guess based on the data provided by the browser. This should make the decision on which version of MCreator to download easier. One of the main reason for this is that many users download 32-bit version but actually have 64-bit computers and then report that MCreator does not work as it should.

We have improved the layout and links on the logged in user toolbar which is shown on the front page when the user is logged in. We have removed some unnecessary links and replaced them with more useful ones.

The last notable change is styled e-mails. From now on, all Pylo emails sent are styled and more transparent. Action links are styled as buttons and the style is unified with the style of the website.

MCreator 2 landing page

Last but not least, we have created a landing page for MCreator 2. Make sure to check it out as you can keep the track on MCreator 2 development progress there. We have been asked multiple times when MCreator 2 will be released and I would like to clear out that MCreator 2 is only a concept for now. Multiple MCreator 1.x.x releases will be made before a first development version of MCreator 2.x.x will be available for public testing. First public releases are planned to happen in the last months of the year 2018. Until then, we will work on MCreator 1.x.x, backport features from MCreator 2.x.x development branch into 1.x.x and collect user requests and ideas for MCreator 2.

If you are interested in reading more about MCreator 2, check our blog post about MCreator 2 on Pylo's Blog.

Tell us your favorite improvement on the website in the comments and stay tuned as MCreator 1.7.8 is around the corner!

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