The Sustainability Project ModJam Winners

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The Sustainability Project ModJam Winners

The Sustainability Project ModJam has been finished and it is time to announce the contest winners. All mods were really nice so it was a tough choice. Find out who won in this article!

Before we announce the winners, just a short word on how they were selected. We have formed two teams for voting, one from MCreator contributors and one from CurseForge. Both teams assigned ratings from 0.0 to 10.0 to a mod and to a mod page. Then we took an average from both teams and sorted the mods by the ranking.

Now that we know how the selection process went, it is time to announce the winners!


... drum roll ...


1st place: Seeds: Sustainable World


Seeds mod adds waste management and gadgets and tools to encourage it. The mod also adds some new sustainable farming and craftmanship approaches.

MCreator mod page

CurseForge mod page

2nd place: MJ's Toxic World

MJ's Toxic World

This mod takes you on an adventure in the overworld, filled with slime and toxic waste. Your mission is to use new tools provided to clean up the world and cure the world.

MCreator mod page

CurseForge mod page

3rd place: 🍃 Nature's Aid

Nature's Aid

This mod provides alternative ways of making items in an environmental-friendly way. It adds new farming approaches, item recycling, and provides vegan alternatives for food and materials.

MCreator mod page

CurseForge mod page

Best mod page: Ecofriendly


This mod focuses on reducing pollution and providing alternatives to less eco-friendly resources. The nice thing about this mod is that it references a lot of actual real-world sustainable projects and uses them as a source of inspiration.

CurseForge mod page


Big congratulations to all the contest winners! It was a blast testing all those cool mods, and not just the ones listed here, all the mods were really nice and fun to play!

CurseForge will reach out to the contest winners to arrange the reward transfer. We hope we will be able to do some more contests like this one in the future too, so stay tuned!

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Thanks again for second place, i have only one question though, when will the Curseforge points be handed out?

I've made a modpack for 1.16.5 with all mods for this version that've participated!

Wow! I did not expect my mod to be in the top 3, huge thanks to everyone <3 this was the first ever jam/competition i've participated, and I loved to be part of it!
I'll keep updating the mod and I'm looking forward to big content updates ='D

Congratulations to all the winners! I really enjoyed seeing all the awesome mods in the project! :D

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