MCreator Fabric Generator

Published by Goldorion on Sun, 07/26/2020 - 13:49
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MCreator Fabric Generator
About the plugin

Currently, this tool is very incomplete, but we are re-writing it for Minecraft 1.16.1.

Nothing has been properly tested ;).
Please report bugs in the issue tracker.


These features are available in the re-writed version of the generator (1.0.0-rewrite on GitHub).

  • Advancements
  • Armor
  • Blocks (block entities are not supported yet)
  • Command
  • Custom code
  • Enchantment
  • Food
  • Fuel
  • Functions
  • Items (inventory is not supported yet)
  • Item groups
  • Key Bindings (They still have bugs)
  • Loot tables
  • Music Discs
  • Overlay
  • Procedures (77 procedure blocks, and 4 global triggers)
  • Tags
  • Recipes
  • Tools

Building Instructions

- Clone the repository
- Run `./gradlew build` to get the zip file in `build/`, or run `./gradlew install` to directly build and install the plugin to the mcreator plugin folder

Important Information

- Back up your workspace before updating to a newer version of the plugin.
- Mods will also require [Fabric API]( to function properly, so when you want to play your mod, make sure you have fabric api.


Lead Devs - Goldorion, BoogieMonster1O1

Devs: crispy_chips1234

Contributors - Klemen

Thanks to all of you helping in reporting bugs, testing or anything else.

Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3.0  
* Mods created with this tool may be closed source and/or be distributed with a different license.
* Appropriate credit must be provided to the creators and maintainers of this software.
* Forked versions of this software must be distributed under the same license as this with attribution if distributed.
* Changes must be stated if any modified works are to be distributed.
* Under no circumstances can you state that modified works are endorsed by the original creators.

Last version:

Second alpha for the 1.16.1-1.0.0 version
This version has been tested, so a lot of errors have been fixed before we released it, but there are still bugs.
Anyways, if you find a bug please report it on the tracker 😀

- Added overlays
- Added music discs
- Added key bindings (They still have bugs)
- Added commands
- Added enchantments
- Fixed all (or almost, an option for the items has been deactivated for the moment) elements of the first alpha version.

You should be able to make mods now. Sorry for the last version, BoogieMonster implements a lot of things, but don't test them.

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