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Published by Goldorion on Sun, 07/26/2020 - 13:49
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MCreator Fabric Generator
About the plugin

This plugin adds a new Fabric Generator to your MCreator.

The Current targeted Minecraft Version is 1.16.5.


Note: Mod elements listed are not all fully implemented

Full supported

  • Advancement
  • Biome
  • Command
  • Custom code
  • Enchantment
  • Food Note: On Entity swing trigger is missing due to Fabric
  • Fuel
  • Function
  • Key binding
  • Loot table
  • Music disc Note: On Entity swing trigger is missing due to Fabric
  • Overlay
  • Potion
  • Recipe

Partial support (almost fully supported)

  • Dimension Note: Custom portal and triggers are missing
  • Items Note: Item inventory and Damage on crafting table are missing Note: On Entity swing trigger is missing due to Fabric
  • Item group Note: Re-order creative tabs is missing
  • Living entities Note: Flying entities, ranged item and entity inventory are missing
  • Tool Note: Damage on crafting table are missing Note: On Entity swing trigger is missing due to Fabric

Partial support

  • Armor
  • Blocks
  • Plants
  • Procedures

Not supported

  • Fluid
  • Game rule
  • GUI
  • Painting
  • Particle
  • Ranged item
  • Structure spawn

Important Information

- Back up your workspace before updating to a newer version of the plugin.
- Mods will also require Fabric API to function properly, so when you want to play your mod, make sure you have Fabric API.

Next version

I will start to work on the 1.17 support in the following days, so the first snapshot of the next snapshot should mainly be about this. However, concerning mappings, I won't add my own mappings because it can cause several problems when moving to the official MCreator's mappings if mappings are not the same.

This new major update is surely the last major version for Minecraft 1.16.5, I will make one or two patches to fix potential bugs. So, if you encounter a bug, please open a bug report as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the bug will be fixed for the next major update.

Concerning other features, I plan to implement completely (or everything I can) the GUI mod element, with block, item and entity inventories. I would also like to implement the last features for custom entities, with obviously other smaller features. Finally, depending on when MCreator 2021.2 will release, I will also work on global variables.

EDIT: I tried to update the generator to Minecraft 1.17, but without the support of Java 16 by MCreator I won't be able to update the plugin for Minecraft 1.17.


Lead Devs - Goldorion, BoogieMonster1O1

Devs: crispy_chips1234

Contributors - Klemen

Thanks to all of you for helping in reporting bugs, testing or anything else.

Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3.0  
* Mods created with this tool may be closed source and/or be distributed with a different license.
* Appropriate credit must be provided to the creators and maintainers of this software.
* Forked versions of this software must be distributed under the same license as this with attribution if distributed.
* Changes must be stated if any modified works are to be distributed.
* Under no circumstances can you state that modified works are endorsed by the original creators.


To see a complete changelog of the plugin, check this file.

Last version:


The new major update of the Fabric Generation is now available! This new version adds almost full support for custom entities (see notes below), the block & plant generation and some other features.

## 1.1
* Updated Fabric API to 0.34.6
* Added complete support for the game rule mod element
* Added support for block generation parameters
* Added support for all plant generation types and generation parameters  
* Added new world procedure blocks: get logic game rule, get number game rule, set logic game rule and set number game rule
* Added complete support for Tick randomly
* Added a new block trigger: Update tick
* Updated the tag mod element to support entities  
* Added new block bases: [#104] Stairs, door, fence, fence gate
* [Bugfix #110] GROUND and PLANT step sounds had the wrong sound.
* [Bugfix] Transparency on custom plants was black.
* [Bugfix] Update tick trigger for plants caused a build error.

Snapshot #1
* [#83] Added support for custom living entities
  Note: Flying entities are not 100% implemented. Entity inventory and Ranged attacks are not implemented.
* Added minimum and maximal enchantment level parameters
* Added Enable melee damage checkbox for custom items
* [Bugfix #102] Some block triggers caused build errors
* [Bugfix #105] Blocks mined with a tool using a lower harvest level dropped. 
* [Bugfix] Some sound mappings did not work properly
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GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3)
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When are you expecting to add all the features that the forge generator has?

Are you planning to add compatibility with plugins that have procedures? I mainly use DTM's Toolkit, Cloth Commons, and APYN.

The Biomes crashing, i not have account in github to place in issues