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Published by Goldorion on Sun, 07/26/2020 - 13:49
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MCreator Fabric Generator
About the plugin

This plugin adds a new Fabric Generator to your MCreator.

The Current targeted Minecraft Version is 1.16.5.


Note: Mod elements listed are not all fully implemented

Full support

  • Advancement
  • Command
  • Custom code
  • Enchantment
  • Food
  • Fuel
  • Function
  • Game rule
  • GUI
  • Item
  • Item group Missing: Re-order creative tabs
  • Key binding
  • Loot table
  • Music disc
  • Overlay
  • Painting
  • Particle
  • Potion Effect
  • Potion
  • Recipe
  • Structure spawn
  • Tool
  • Partial support (almost fully supported)

  • Armor
  • Biome
  • Block
  • Dimension
  • Living entity
  • Plant
  • Ranged item
  • Partial support

  • Procedure
  • Variables // Global scopes, except Global session, are missing.
  • Not supported

  • Fluid

Important Information

- Back up your workspace before updating to a newer version of the plugin.
- Mods will also require Fabric API to function properly, so when you want to play your mod, make sure you have Fabric API.


To develop with Minecraft 1.17, we need to use Java 16, but currently, MCreator only supports Java 11. I tried to add an option to use a custom JDK, but it doesn't work as the internal JVM is only with Java 11. So, as long MCreator doesn't have a JDK 16, I can't work on a 1.17.1 version.


Thanks to all of you for helping in reporting bugs, testing or anything else.

Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3.0  
* Mods created with this tool may be closed source and/or be distributed with a different license.
* Appropriate credit must be provided to the creators and maintainers of this software.
* Forked versions of this software must be distributed under the same license as this with attribution if distributed.
* Changes must be stated if any modified works are to be distributed.
* Under no circumstances can you state that modified works are endorsed by the original creators.


To see a complete changelog of the plugin, check this file.

Last version:


* [Bugfix] Fix Get fuel power of, Is blockat solid, replace block, get/set logic/text block NBT Tag of block, get enchantment level of itemstack, get smelting result, place structure, run function, set global spawn, set time, spawn item entity, get biome at, get dimension id procedure blocks
* [Bugfix] Fix music disc build error
* [Bugfix #166] Fix the On food eaten food trigger


* [Bugfix #164] Food elements did not generate files


* [Bugfix #150] Entities with the Biped model now display equipped items
  * The fix was applied to chicken models
* [Bugfix] Some AI task blocks prevented the entity to build


The new major update is now available. After months of waiting and requesting, GUI has finally been added to the generator! With all parameters supported and the possibility to add an inventory to your block, item or entity, your mods will finally be able to have an interface. GUIs and slot procedure blocks are also coming with this update.* In addition to that, some smaller features, such as the custom dispenser behaviour item feature, are also coming and as usual, many bugs are dead.

* Added full support for custom GUIs
* Added support for Block entity
* Added support for Block, entity and item inventories
* Added support for following GUI related procedure blocks: Deal damage to item in slot, Get amount in slot, get item in
  slot, remove items, Set item in slot, Get text in textfield, Is checkbox checked, Set text in textfield
* Add support for flying entities
* Added following AI task blocks: Attack fly, Break blocks, Fly, Move indoors
* Added support for custom dispenser behaviour for custom items
* [#111] Added "Does item stay in crafting grid" item and tool parameter support
* [#152] Added support for the immediatesourcentity dependency for bullet triggers in ranged items
* [Bugfix] Using the custom drop option in custom blocks caused a build error (due to a change from the last version)
* [Bugfix] On block right-clicked block trigger caused a build error
* [Bugfix] Right-click in air item trigger caused a build error.
* [Bugfix] Biomes using a custom entity didn't build properly
* [Bugfix #152] Entities with the Biped model now display equipped items


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GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3)
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In v.1.0.2, checking the "Does item stay in crafting grid when when crafted?" checkbox does not actually keep the items in the crafting grid. Can we please get a fix on this? Thanks!

Submitted by ArcherGamesyt on Sun, 05/09/2021 - 01:26 Permalink

i just have one question and that is: how do i use the plugin?

The plugin never and will never support it. Minecraft and Fabric have a newer version which is called "1.16.5". I have no reason to make a version for an older 1.16.x version (and all other older versions too).


When version 1.17 was released,
How do we change the 1.165 version module that we made to version 1.17?

I don’t mean to get the new content of version 1.17 in mcreator,
I just want to change the mod version.

living entity does not show up on add element is this normal?

how do i install snapshot?
Because it wont let me do it the same way

Is there any chance for the 1.17 generator soon after the official release ?

"I tried to update the generator to Minecraft 1.17, but without the support of Java 16 by MCreator I won't be able to update the plugin for Minecraft 1.17."
As in descripiton, when MCreator will support Java 16. I guess it means at earliest while second snapshot for 2021.2 is released. I think even Klemen doesn't know when it will be released, developing software isn't something you can plan easily.
Please read description, answering for something already written is frustrating. Don't force developers for doing unnecessary things on which you can get answer already.