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Published by Goldorion on Wed, 07/29/2020 - 04:42
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File Manager is a plugin adding new procedure blocks allowing you to create and read your files! Adding support for JSON files, this plugin allows you to create a config file or files to save data for your mod. This plugin has also more usage, but this is up to you to find them! :)

File Types

  • JSON
  • TXT (simple file reader/writer)

Important Information

  • JSON
  • TXT files - Basic file reader/writer


The 2 following examples require File Manager 5.0.

Create a JSON file

Create a json file

Read a JSON file

Read a JSON file


Tutorial by NorthWestTrees

Tutorial on sub-JSON objects by NorthWestTrees

Tutorial by Cursed Warrior

Icon by Tobi-Wan#0482

Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1  

  • Appropriate credit must be provided to the creators and maintainers of this plugin.
  • Forked versions of this plugin must be distributed under the same license as this with attribution if distributed.
  • Changes must be stated if any modified works are to be distributed.
  • Under no circumstances you can state that the original creator endorses modified works.


To see a complete changelog of the plugin, check this file.


* Added support for Fabric 1.19.2
* Removed support for Fabric & Forge 1.17.1 and Fabric 1.19.1


* Added support for Fabric 1.19.1


* Added support for Fabric 1.17.1 and Forge 1.18.2
* Removed support for Fabric 1.16.5


* Added a new copy URl to file procedure block
  * Note: It can be used to download online files.
* Removed some old tool tips
* Added French translations
* [Repository] Added Crowdin support for the externalization (Read


* [Bugfix #22] Getter used for the File setter could not be used with Forge and Fabric 1.16.5


I would like to thank NorthWestTrees for all the feedback he gives me in order to improve the plugin.

Note: This version breaks workspaces using a previous update.
* Updated to MCreator 2021.3.51219
* Removed support for Forge 1.15.2
* Added support for Forge 1.17.1
* Added a new JsonObject variable type
* Removed the "Create sub JSON object" block
* Added "Add JSON object to Json Object" and "Get Json Object property" blocks
* Changed the old Json Object fields to the new JsonObject variable list
* Procedure blocks requiring a file variable now use a normal variable list
* Created file block has been changed for a block giving values to the setter block variable
* Added a new create file procedure block
* Changed the new line checkbox to an input boolean value in the "Write TXT line" block


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GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 (LGPLv2.1)

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Hi! I am making a mod that will use Saving and Loading in a Save block and a Load block.

Goldorian... I need version 5.3
5.4 is on mcreator site and 5.2 is on GitHub... Where to find 5.3?

1.19.2 is almost identical to 1.19.1. It only fixed an issue with the new chat reporting system, so mods should be updated pretty quickly if they are already in 1.19.1.
If you can't wait, you can also simply open the ZIP file of the plugin and rename fabric-1.19.2 to fabric-1.19.1 as nothing changed for the plugin between those both versions.

Got the plug-in working on 1.19.1. Thanks for the help.
BTW... Since I have the attention of someone who is obviously a mod coding genius... Was wondering if you have any input regarding my other mcreator issue...

So I got a problem with the File Manager mod now... I upgraded to the Fabric 1.19.2 Generator. I make a procedure that will access a file. "File Manager" is not shown in the "Procedure Templates" section. And if I try to make a local variable for the file, there is no "File" type coming up in the "Variable Type" dropdown box.
The File Manager plug-in is installed and it says it is loaded in the "Manage Plugins" section of Preferences.

An update to previous post... If I create a new project then File Manager is in the Templates list... The problem is only with my project that got upgraded from 1.19.1 to 1.19.2.
Worst case, I can export everything, make a new project, then import everything.