World Renderer 1.4.6 [Forge 1.19.4 / 1.20.1]

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Global triggers
World Renderer
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About the plugin

This plugin allows you to render objects on the sky and world

Event triggers:

World Renderer adds some event triggers

  • "Render world"
  • "Render sky"
  • "Render fog"
  • "Compute fog color"
  • "Compute fog density" (Forge 1.14.4 / 1.15.2 / 1.16.5 / 1.17.1)
  • "Compute FOV"
  • "Compute camera angles"

You can render objects using these procedures in the sky

  • "Render abyss"
  • "Render deep sky"
  • "Render overworld"
  • "Render moon"
  • "Render regular polygon"
  • "Render sky box"
  • "Render stars"
  • "Render sun"
  • "Render sunlights"
  • "Render texture"


How to use:

MCreator 2022.3 / 2023.1 / 2023.3

MCreator 2023.4



v1.4.6 - Forge 1.19.4 / 1.20.1

Fixed some bugs


v1.4.5 - Forge 1.19.4 / 1.20.1

Added an event trigger "Set effects", which can disable clouds, sky, rain/snow, etc. Also, procedure templates is available

Added a procedure "Set cloud height"

Added a procedure "Set ground effects"

Added a procedure "Set sky type"

Added a procedure "Set forced bright lights"

Added a procedure "Set constant ambient lights"

Fixed some bugs 



This plugin supports Forge 1.19.4 / 1.20.1

Source code repository:

World Renderer -

Custom Sky Plugin -

MIT License


can you make a tutorial video about how this plugin work? maybe with some procedure example to download so we can follow every step, but step to step please?

Hello, how can I contact you? maybe through a discord? I need to discuss the rendering of items with you.

If it is possible, could you could make a version for 2023.2? Since that's the current version I'm using and cant go higher...

Is it possible to render an item based on what in it? Like a shop where you render the item inside the block beneath it on top of it.

also the procedure Set Rain Particle is not working on Graphic - Render Rain, so i wonder what is his trigger...

hey i tried to set the rain like this; but only rains over the player head (not on a area around it):

Hey there, I just wanted to say that this plugin is awasome! really! and wanted to ask I you are planing on making A procedure block that lets you render Items? like when you put an Item in a Blocks Slot it renders it above It. Just wandering not demanding anything.

i made that on my holo-block - you set a disk on the slot it display entities above it, like a hologram helicopter (just an entity with translucent texture and set on smaller scale) :) hope it helps - you can just convert the item to entity on blockbench and do that too i supose, if you need extra help let me know u can contact me on discord too

Hi, I'm having difficulty fitting the "blockly" check of the game's general graphical quality, I've already tried all the existing triggers, and none of them worked.

sumeshi just came to thank you again for this awesome plugin, if you need my help too to make tutorials for you or general testing let me know

could not find tutorials for the rain anywhere man, its not very easy to set it on custom dimensions

on another topic; how do i use the rain procedures? do i have to set some kinda of Rand % per tick on the world than make it rain? i mean with your procedures, could not find tutorials for them (rain/snow)

the moon keeps going up and down dude, and dont rise the memory kinda leak, fps drop to unplayable, all i can do is ESC , wait 10 second then quit the game