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Published by Hidan on Sat, 06/02/2018 - 17:08
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Issue description

Soo I tried to add something to Ore Dictionary and I can say that its impossible.
I tried to create new Class that will read it but my class is deleted after recompile.
Adding registration to TestEnvironmentMod class removes it after recompile 
and adding it to item class causing recompile errors 

Now my question is that will there be option to create new entry for Ore Dictionary and have option in Block/Item mod element to assign it to existing entry?

Issue comments

I have changed this issue to a feature request. We will add support for ore dictionary in one of the future updates. We had this in a plan, but there was no ticket on the tracker yet. I will keep this ticket open so we can track the ore dictionary support progress.

This would be really nice to have, especially since the ore dictionary tab is already there in the choose item procedure block.

Seconded, this is easily the single missing feature I'd be able to find the most use for, outside of maybe Forge Energy compat.

Yes this and Forge Energy are the coolest things Mcreator could add

In MCreator 1.9.1, we will add ore dictionary support to:

  • blocks, so blocks can be registered as ore dictionary entry or be bound to existing ore dictionary entries
  • items, so items can be registered as ore dictionary entry or be bound to existing ore dictionary entries
  • recipes, so ore dictionary entries can be used in recipes for mod element items

I am closing this ticket now.

Wow, awesome! :D

In the last update you removed the incompatibility issues, now you even added ore dictionary!

I think there will be many crossovers and addons for both Mcreator and non MCreator mods then :)

Ore dictionary is a property of a block or an item that makes it be usable for recipes from other mods.

For example, Copper Ingot from Thermal Foundation could be used for recipes from Forestry (I have never played Forestry in survival so I don't know, this is just an example)


This means you can make your items compatible with ones from other mods or that you can even make some add-ons mod for both MCreator and non-Mcreator mods.

You will have the option to type ore dictionary name into the block/item chooser manually for ore dictionary.

wait, what is the ore dictionary meant to do again? the last version of mcreator i used was 1.8.2

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